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Just here to read awesome mlp fics. I have art on DA: http://wizardwannabe.deviantart.com/

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Yay, Hornbutt! Thanks you for the fave. :pinkiesmile:


No problem, I just like to invite people that seem like they have a good sense of humor. :pinkiecrazy:

Cheers mate.

Hi, it hangeth... procrastinatorily...

Thanks for the invite, it's really quite flattering, unfortunately, my time is a little strained lately. Thanks though.

Hello Hornbutt, I find your name and avatar tasteful as well as intriguing. How doth it hangeth? :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the comment on my story as well! If you'd ever like to, I cordially invite you to join my writer's collab group. We chat, proof one anothers work, banter, writing not required!

Heh, no problem dude, Harold and Kumar in Equestria is too amusing to not read!

Sigh, don't worry miss zebra, lotsa pony doctors have tried to fix it, but can't. They said it was too dangerous to operate on, something about veins wrapped around it.

(for real dude, that little rhyme put a huge smile on my face!)

  • Viewing 7 - 11 of 11
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