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I mostly post mature works. There may still be some worksafe posts though. For my non-pony smut works visit my Ao3 page.


NaNoWriMo and No-Clop November, or "How I'm attempting to get out of my rut." · 5:11am Nov 2nd, 2017

As you may know, today marks the beginning of National Novel Writing Month, a challenge to write 50,000 words over the course of the month of November.

As you may also know, this month also marks the beginning of the second year of one of my favorite saucy pony comics, "No-Clop November," wherein twenty-some pony characters attempt to survive the month without getting laid or pleasuring themselves.

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Thank YOU for writing a cute and very unique Sparity story. That's always sure to grab my attention.

Thanks for the fave on Unbalanced Scales, Karkat!

Happy New Year!

That would be Rose Lalonde, the Seer of Light, from the webcomic "Homestuck." It's also where my username here came from: carcinoGeneticist is the internet screen name of another character in the story.

You can find it HERE. The front page is the first page. It's very good (and complete!) but be warned, it's very long.

Who is the girl in your avatar, and where is she from?

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