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Welcome to the Barcast,
where the Bar gets lower each week!

“Why would I ban you? Should I?” - Knighty of FimFiction

“This is the chillest podcast I've ever been on. I like it.” - Sethisto of EQD

“A ... podcast.” - Bill Newton - Voice of Bright Mac

“You guys are pretty popular!” - M.A. Larson - Ex-Story Editor of MLP:FiM

We're a small group of MLP fans and writers who like to drink, talk to folks, and ask questions that no one wanted to ask. We take your favorite personalities in the MLP fandom, and then ask them the questions YOU post in our forum or twitch chat, treating the entire situation like we're just shooting the shit at a local bar! Casual, relaxed, and completely not PC, be ready for fun and vulgarity in equal parts.

Established in 2015 as The Good HiE Podcast.

What's a Barcast?
“You’re like the Howard Stern of ponies.” - Milk’s Mom

During The Barcast, which happens every Friday or Saturday, at 4PM PST, we will interview a prominent guest in the MLP community. We will ask them questions that you want to ask, and you can post any questions you want us to ask within the forum post designated for that date! In general, no question is too weird, obscene, or funny for us to ask. We also have a drinking word every podcast, and you can drink along with us at home! It's not called a Barcast for nothing!

Are ANY questions allowed?
Well, technically yes, but we won't always ask them. If you post a lot of questions (like 10 or more) we may just skip you. If you ask completely out of the blue questions, such as "do you like this certain anime character from absurd show, and who do you ship them with" we'll probably ignore you. If you ask about ages, politics, or really intrusive questions, we may skip you as well. We also ask that our guests give their preferences, and if they're uncomfortable, we'll skip your question.

Is it only the Barcast that happens here?
Not quite. We'll also do drunken readings of REALLY bad stories, do "Karaoke night at the bar," where YOU pick what we sing, and will likely do other small side projects as well. Stick around, there's rarely a dull moment with us.
Here are a few of our various shows we do (Some updated DAILY!):
The Barcast: We all interview big names in the fandom and ask them your questions!
The Screaming Closet: Flutterpriest and Anonpencil (and guests) play horror games. Much screaming.
Writer's Workshop: Flammenwerfer, Flutterpriest, and Mikesnipe read and review stories and give actual, critical feedback.
Shitfaced Shitfics: Anonpencil and guests do fully voiced readings of REALLY bad stories. Drinking and crying are generally par for the course.
Mug Shots: Ravvij and other artists get together LIVE to discuss and draw all manner of things... even lewds!


Can I be on the podcast?
We're not looking for new hosts, but if you want to be a guest, please feel free to ask! If you've contributed to the fandom in some major, important way, we'll likely be happy to have you on. Just be ready for some weird questions.

Can I put my story in this group?
Pretty much, yeah. Just put it in the right folder, and don't post about it in the forums. We honestly have no fucks to give.

If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to ask us in the forums. Stay tipsy, and come to join us at the bar any time.

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A podcast centered around alcohol and ponies.
I have found my people! Bless this day!

Thank you all for making 1k users possible!

I didn’t even know there was a fimfic group. I listened to quite a few of these.


1000 later...

My words still ring true. It was glorious, and continues to be.

~Skeeter The Lurker

And a thousand members later.

Hewo everyone!

There is a podcast... for ponies. I would say it's the strangest things I've ever heard of, but I heard someone once recommend Discord meet Q.

Obescenely drunk horses. Just really plastered.

Comment posted by Kody The Ultimate Brony deleted Nov 3rd, 2020


Drunk horses

Hmm... Interesting. You've intrigued me. Let's check some of this out.

Comment posted by Kody The Ultimate Brony deleted Nov 3rd, 2020

You ever have one of those things you keep seeing in the background, get the impression you might like but keep ignoring it because there's a voice in the back of your head screaming "that is the way to the dark side!"?

Yeah, that's me with the barcast. But lo and behold, I have finally downloaded the most recent one onto my phone (Crowne Prince). I shall listen to it while driving to and from college tomorrow. We'll see how this goes.

-GM, master of root beer.

There isn't one this week because too many of the cast members are busy, but it should be back to normal next week.

Hey when will the next livestream take place?

Comment posted by Kody The Ultimate Brony deleted Nov 3rd, 2020

Had to join the group after B's interview. Every time he—as he so eloquently put—fucked the dog and derailed various questions, I'd nearly cried, I was laughing so hard.

Solid Barcast, seriously. Gotta tune into this more often.

Comment posted by Akua deleted Dec 15th, 2018

There's a button at the top of the group page that says "forum" underneath a little speech bubble. Look around there, and you're sure to find the thread! :)

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