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Yes, I did write for the Infinite Loops under the name ORBSyndicate. I understand that's a little hard to know now given the name change and more recent activity, but it WAS me, guaranteed. Just leaving this here so people can know about it - and have an easier time finding me if they're trying to.

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1) Ah. As expected. :trixieshiftright:

1.5) Well that's a whole can of worms I accidentally opened. Still, more fodder for the Twi "child" (her status is a defining trait of her world, and basically an open secret) to go through. Bureaucracy and politics is her personal hell. :trollestia:

2) Is there even a difference between a story made from a thought and a story written down? Oh well, in both ways the Aware character I got (green text aka [Sup!]) would still have to deal with the dissastifaction of his AU's own story being not written down.

3) Bingo. I got dibs now on making a musical Earth someone's greatest nightmares or bane of existence! :pinkiecrazy:

4) Thanks for the info! :twilightsmile:

5) Oh. :rainbowhuh:

6) This surely meant that I would have to write politics and debates...yay. I can hear my OC's voice laughing, despite not being real at all. :twilightoops:

7) Thanks, Pinkie! Don't worry, I'm surprisingly patient and I had seen worse atrocities before so I'm not that mad at Allie, just outright dissapointed by...whatever Allie had in store and told you already, but I'm also amused by the existensial crises going on here...and the potential for him to get sonme stupidly OP stuff by our AU cluster's standards...and oh crap I realized that the others would also get such ite—

8) And speaking of existensialism...I hope my communicator is also affected by my Awareness, although I don't wanna pry when that comes on me and my friends and found family—especially with some of us who were the "MCs" of an OC-swap timeline due to...someone...

Oh gears. I hope the AUs of ourselves near us are meant to exist and not glitches or timeline mishaps. Also, I know that as of now metatime is wacky and I'm talking to the past, but can someone bring my message of "Hello, spiderbitch" to Vriska? Recently read all of Homestuck in one sitting.


Deep breath.

Here we go. (I have stopped spoilering things as we are several comments deep. Random readers you have been warned, spoilers for SotS await, though without context it probably won't make much sense.)

1) This early in Merodi history, handling an Earth (and connected worlds) that is in political turmoil will be difficult, but possible. It is at the edge of their capacity as a unit at this point. However much later in their history and doing this sort of thing becomes run-of-the-mill. If you do set this early in Merodi history this will be one of the first times they took on a major project of this sort, though it may not have been the first.

1.5) There is no reason a Twilight's child can't work in Merodi politics. Problem is Merodi politics aren't run by election, they're run by the currently existing Overheads and Seconds promoting people in their organizations. (The exception is world leaders: world leaders are chosen by whatever method the universe itself has in mind, which can be democratic). Status as a Twilight's child is even likely to assist in credibility, though not as much as being a Twilight.

2) Prophet ideas that don't make it onto the page are funny. If it exists just in their mind, the Dark Tower may or may not choose to make an Alternate Universe out of it. Kind of random. A thought story has much much much less power than a written one.

3) Does such a world exist: Yes. Several. Every musical that takes place on Earth is going to create a "nearly mundane" Earth somewhere. Have I created such a world in SotS: No, there is no preexisting musical world beyond the ponies.

4) The exploration teams are run largely by Renee. The primary team (Pinkie's Team) is given the most important or interesting missions that need a variety of skills and "importance." Beyond that, teams are either generalists who do everything (similar to Pinkie's but less important) or have specific types of missions (The Elements of Pandemonium, for instance, are used for darker missions such as assassinations and the like). The team names are generally chosen by the teams themselves, unless they are particularly of note (The Primary Team). Expeditions teams are exceedingly varied in skills and abilities so there's not really a set itinerary. If you're not a genrealist team you are probably sent on the same kind of missions regularly. If the universe has a high power level and you know it ahead of time, the Expeditions team will likely have a power level to exceed or match. (Suzie's crew in LSB is a generalist team, but in LSB they are generally restricted to "local exploration." Early in Merodi history there is no need to distinguish this as all their exploration is still rather haphazard).

5) This question is worded weirdly. Universes almost always have the same distance from "each other," the path from A->B and B->A is the same distance in the vast majority of cases unless something funky is going on. If you're talking about the same distance from a THIRD world, well it depends. If that third world is unrelated to the Prophet in question then yes of course that happens all the time. If the third world is also created by the same Prophet, suddenly the chance that A B and C are all the same distance from each other is significantly rarer, but not impossible. Most likely there would have to be some exterior reason why the universes are arranged like they are.

6) The USM generally tries to convince any and all Americas to join, or democracies that have similar values. Keep in mind that the USM is not modern US politics, It emerged from the core world in the local late 1800s, when Funny Valentine was president. It then grew to be a huge mess of America conglomerations.

7) Depends entirely on personality! I never cussed GM out directly! And then there's this other Aware friend of mine who was from a story that didn't even exist yet and she's rather fond of ol' GM!

8) Very common in the multiverse.

Hope this answers your questions.

-GM, master of numbers.

Ima continue my onslaught of questions, because my brain went "Hey what if the original idea ypu had became a side story of its own, and the Enchorus submission would have your yet-unwritten worlds debate on executing the SOTS version of your persona" and I have to respond like "WTF WHY—"

1) For an Earth that is currently in some political turmoil due to reveals about magic in that world and other supernatural atrocities, the parallel Equus (I've read the first few chapters of LSB, so I got a sigh of relief when Equus is a valid name) wanting to open up relations and is underway on fully doing it (although this might end up taking place in the pre-S9 Epilogue timestamp of my MLP AU, not the present), and the other worlds connected to the Earth wanting to do the same, can Merodi handle it? (I'm thinking of it taking place at the timeskip between the end of "Together, We Will Always Shine, Part 2" and "State of The Nation, Part 1").

Also, can a Twilight's child take her place in Merodi politics, assuming that they are capable?

2) How will a story (or story ideas) that currently only exist in the Prophet's mind work in—you know what, cut that. There will be a potential crisis in one of the worlds I'm gonna introduce since the concept I got for it is that the AUs I made out of its premise are entirely due to a choice tree, aka a set of choices in the same timestamp differing from each other and resulting in parallels...due to Aradia. I don't think the MC who would originate from this world would like the possibilities, although that would be a concern for later 😏.

3) Is there a world in SOTS lore that is basically Earth: The Musical (aka an Earth where life is a musical—Starbeat do whatever Starbeat does)? Because if there's none, I propose it being UsM territory...and one of the displaces peeps ends up in there...and the one who hates musicals, to boot.

4) Are there any descriptions on what Exploration Team is sent to what, or basically rankings by importance and whatnot? It's because I read the first half of 100, and OH BOY there is a Zeta exploration team?!

5) Are worlds conjured by the same Prophet somehow having the same distance from one another possible? Because I wanna introduce the insanity of 4 I have going on with my concepts (also part of the non-SOTS-afflicted lore) as part of the potential sidestory (Damn you, brain, now we're back to 6 with the ideas)

6) Going back to 1, will the USM try to persuade that Earth (I'm calling it now Earth Abstracti—you'll see immediately why) to join them instead, only for the literal humanization of USA to refuse (because he's way too tired over American politics due to politicians who knows of his identity contantly nagging the hell outta him).

7) How long can an Aware character who knows damn well that his AU hasn't been written yet and yet his Prophet is writing it but not exactly it (aka I'm writing the AU for SOTS but not for itself...what is wrong with me) last without cussing me out? Said character would be a pre-teen who might be smart and cheerful (or giddy) but still emotionally not-so-mature and he isn't even Aware in the source material his AU came from!

8) Existensial crisis levels for someone who saw their source material only to see that they're not there due to being an OC?

Also, Ima reveal what worlds I might write for...maybe in DMs? If so, sorry for yet another word vomit and infodumping.

Potential worlds (not elaboratin' here):

Earth Robocar-A to -D (canon, AU, AU but swap, AU but canon-compliant

Equus Harmonica (my AU where current history is being rigged and the current incarnation of Harmonia/Tree of Harmony is not having it)

Earth Abstraction (The Earth Vitis to Equus Harmonica's Equis Vitis. Packed with fandoms that got some identity hiding, secret worlds and civilization, and personified concepts. LOTS of them. Also, anto-magic cultists exist.

Equis Lovestra (we all know this bitch)

Esefem (this too)

Earth Musical (like Lovestra but the world is ran by musicals)

Earrh Solver (Murder Drones but Out-Of-Context displaced boi accidentally liberated the Murder Drones to attack the Solver while USM is pushing for JCJenson to give them worker drones. Basically pre-MD events gone wrong or right...)

As for the potential motive on why the displaced MC got help I made, Merodi got some weird dimensonal signals jumping back-and-forth between the Q- and E-spheres, as if someone hidden from ka is messing around, which is actually the case, although they'll be just a nuisance that got worse when they tried shooting people for not being "canon" (Licensor, is that you?" Of course not, it's his brother).

Dunno why you spoilered that but most likely the Q-Sphere, as sapient automobiles are a non-human dominated situation.

As for the multiversal organization, I'm not sure I could say--such a thing as you describe is certainly possible and could arise from many different situations. I'd say have fun with it--as it isn't a SotS related issue, your own imagination is the limit, and in a multiverse you could create several dozen different explanations/consequences for everything. The consequence of the society you are describing could easily be spun as heroes or villains depending on the sorts of people in it and the sorts of thing they do. Adjust as you see fit!

-GM, master of mutts.

Now I'm not willing to write anything about the university at all. Although the beef that would come out of the USM would be interesting, especially when it happened that whoever ended up in USM and MU would likely be taught about the multiverse in said societies' perspective. After all, the certain characters I'm talking about had accidentally gotten into another world once, but that was a one-time moment where the portal tech being used is still a proto instead of malfunctioning which would make them separate again.

Also, curious question: where the heck does any world where any sort of sapient automobile stuff exists would fit into the Spheres? I'm assuming the Spheres (I forgot the name) dominated by Earths and also the Equis world.

As for non-SOTS but multiverse-building critique and request: what could be a realistic conseauence on existence for a multiverse-cataloguing organization whose founders lost their worlds to interdimensional threats and vowed to stop auch threats, and would also take attempted diplomacy and embassy as a side quest of some sort would be? Not that I doubt my confidence on this thing I'm making, but there's just too much stuff in my head and there's so much POVs to choose from to the point one of my major OCs (major as in "always thought about") would not really have the org play their lore :pinkiecrazy:

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