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MLP Loops side story - the Wedding of Russ and Nyx · 1:24am Sep 21st, 2016

The Wedding of Russ and Nyx, being a sprawling thing of ridiculous length, is being handled by Evilhumour over on his page. The link is here:
It will be progressively updated.
The chapters not posted on FimFic (at first) are the ones which are primarily 40K based. The ones which are on FimFic (first) are - I am assured - reasonably comprehensible for someone who's read the MLP Loops.

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You should have your reply now.

So can you find it? If not, then I would ask you on Fimfic instead.

It seems some part of the fanfiction.net site or my email has been discarding PMs as spam.

Do you check up your fanfiction.net account outside of posting story updates? I sent a PM you a few days ago under a slightly different name because the stuff I'm asking about are non-pony. Still waiting for a reply to the questions.

  • Viewing 72 - 76 of 76
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