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The world has been dying for as long as the Enchantress can remember, reduced to little more than a desolate expanse of sand. And yet, she keeps walking, for she knows she is the last hope of the world.

When mares from extremely different worlds arrive in her desert, the Enchantress is forced to reexamine everything she thought to be true. There will be stories of monsters, books, ghosts, gods, stars, machines, and ponies who have not lived most of their life in a world approaching the end. They must come to terms with their vastly different experiences in a tangle of alternate worlds no one is prepared for.

The multiverse is a big place, and this small corner of existence has just received some unwanted attention.

Cover drawn by Little Duke!

-GM, master of ashes.

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not very fond of that there death tag...
you should really stop writing such grim material, dear

shaming me won't change my mind

The thing here isn't exactly about you changing your mind, but the author changing their mind, which is difficult.

What I'm saying is this: just because you don't like stories were death is included, doesn't mean the author will stop writing that kind of stories, because a lot of people like them.

In order to avoid possible issues, you can always read stories where death is not included.

You keep asking who is X or Y, but have you stopped to consider... How is?


because a lot of people like them.

feeling that it's more like Stockholm Syndrome at this point

You don't care about the rest of my comment, do you?

not that i don't care, it's that i'm trying to make a point here
and the part i quoted fits the bill


Well, it felt curious because you just answered to that quote, instead of telling me what you think about what I said.

An endless wasteland wanderer meets a mare from a world plagued by monsters.

In other words Dune meets RWBY. I think, I've never actually seen Dune.

And so it begins :pinkiehappy:
(Hey Dash! "waves")


You should, it's a great book series, bit dated in places, but overall one of the best sci-fi I've ever read.

Okay, you officially have my interest. AU mane six? transdimentional antics? endless desert? I'm down

Will this be a story of the origins of the starcross sociaty? the enchantress was a name given by twilight eve original, so she shouldn't know that name, and it is only used for us, of course, this rarity could be some pony else.

And now, onto the next grand adventure :raritystarry:

I'll keep my eyes open.

Also after the fact I realized what I was describing was Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind.:derpytongue2:

There is a hole in her mind building.

Just a thought, it looks like Dash from SotS went through solo, somehow, and came across a strange Twilight that could not find any history of her.

I don't think so the portal device that was used seems very similar to the one evening sparkle created

Well ... this sure is interesting. A Rarity that is so not concerned with her looks that she removed her tail for efficiency?

At least she is still being generous, that bit of her won't change, right? :)

The ball crystal was a technology given by the stars to the ponies of pre-Starcross, so they eventually became a multiversal society, if Starcross hasn't been formed yet, the magic and portals used in the story may be primitive, created by this alicorn twilight, those soldiers with strange head may be soldiers from the stars, there is no much information yet, I still think is a possibility.

Rainbow had the Merodi symbol on her suit, so this can’t be a Starcross Society origin.

Well, that is a good point, but remember that there have been another MU in the past, Rarity and the main team found out about it in chapter 100 of SotS, so it still could still be Starcross Society origin XD.

This looks good!
Main mares coming from different universes?
An empress Twilight ruling a space station?
I am curious to see more.

I've read the... prequel, I suppose? The one with Enchantress Rarity. Definitely into finding out where this is going.

Technically speaking, it is.

As with any essential resource, if you don't have a Rainbow Dash available, you'll just have to import one. Also, it seems almost like Empress Twilight invented a hub universe. Presumably less advanced, but the design's certainly similar.

In any case, definitely looking forward to seeing where this goes. Aside from seeing how the withering effects of the Enchantress's world affects the newcomers, some of them will be much further out of their depth than Fluttershy. Spoilers follow for those who haven't read the prequels: Pinkie won't know where to begin or even what genre she's working with. Applejack might well go catatonic at getting yanked away from the clockwork heartbeat of her world.

This should be fun.

With practice, pegasus wings can be used much the same way as a unicorn horn, see Rainbow Dash in the show and all her fancy rainbow weirdness. In Flutters' home it's just easier to do and more well documented.

-GM, master of docs.

This has prequels?

This Twilight is a jerk. I have a theory that this Rainbow Dash is actually from Equis Vitis.

Each one of GM's stories with a description that begins with "Who is (name)?"

Note that you won't find one for Rainbow Dash.

I like these versions of the main mares. They are sure to form a lively group of adventurers once they meet.

This Twilight's far too used to being the big mare on campus, steamrolling everyone by virtue of being the biggest and the strongest. Her methods may not be orky, but she is to an extent. She's not sure how to deal with somepony who doesn't immediately bend the knee, especially not one who tries to order her around despite being less intelligent. All the power, none of the social skills or humility. A very dangerous combination. We'll see if it holds up or if she learns about that strange concept called "humility."

And, of course, there's Fluttershy's little mental issue. Literally can't fight to save her life, poor thing.

“I can create water enchantments, but those are generally… violent.”

Hmm. If the outworlders are all magic sources, this world's in much better shape... provided they all survive. And that seems like a sizeable provision right now.

I wouldn't call them prequels (though they do take place before this) so much as 'optional backstory'.

But yes, there are five stories you can find. Fan's right, they all begin with "Who is...?"

-GM, master of rice balls.

I'm more what, precisely, Pinkie will end up being. Applejack is probably some kind of mechanic or inventor, what with the gear, but Pinkie's seems either magical or natural, with a kind of upwelling implied by the cutiemark.

So, Twilight is a little more proud and egotistical than Rainbow Dash is. Never thought that could be possible. Wonder how this will go.....
Applejack is probably some engineer or can at least craft weaponry, maybe can even harness earth pony magic in some way like Fluttershy can with her wings. Pinkie will be interesting, since I don't know what she could be. Fluttershy is a little more brave, but also more trusting, which could really turn around and stab her in the back one day.

For Rainbow Dash, I wonder, is this pre or post-Skarn and the Congeries. Both are explainable.

Has to be pre for reasons I hope are obvious.

-GM, master of boxen.

Pinkie married Hazel! Good for them. Of course, at the moment, she's the Empress's pet pony, which is roughly on par with Sheogorath taking a personal interest in your affairs. Just with less cheese and Wabbajacking.

Meanwhile, the siege of Rarity's resignation continues. At this rate, she might actually let herself trust someone. Eventually.

Also, a connection to a certain clockwork world... though no sign of any of its natives. We'll see when that factors in.

Ah, so this is that Dash. And if so...

Well, I won't say more. This was made to be an on-boarding story after all. And it's more fun to tease people unfamiliar with the setting than breathlessly blurting out every bit of relevant SotS lore. :trollestia:

Eh, you never know, considering how the multiverse works.

Rare are the fanfics in which it's Pinkie struggling to get used to Twilight and not the other way around...
I like their interactions!

The gang is meeting again XD, now I wonder why rainbow didn't used her other name, as a member of merodi, she should have a name to be set apart from other rainbows, at least mention both, oh well, she may just mention it later, we only have applejacj left, and following the trend, she will meet with pinky and twilight, let's see how this pan out :D.

There may just be only one, the alicorn using an illusion disguise to present herself to pinky.

Okay, there's definitely some shenanigans going on here.

This is either a bunch of ponies from different times, or different dimensions.

If it's times, then I suspect it goes something like this: Twilight Sparkle was in a normal Equestria, until it was invaded. This led to the interstellar Who is Twilight Sparkle. Twilight Sparkle founds a nation, meets Rainbow Dash (a visitor from the Merodi), leading to them coming together. After that, more immortals came to being, becoming the gods and goddesses known in Who is Fluttershy. The origin of monsters is unknown, right now. This leads to Who is Rarity, where the gods are dead. Then, after magic dies, it leads to Who is Applejack. This is almost definitely incorrect, but it's fun to think about.

If it's a case of dfferent dimensions, as I thought at first, then it's definitely similar to the Mirror: all the worlds are linked, in obscure ways. Seems like Twilight and Rainbow share the same world/time, at least.

Something I've noticed is that while all of these have their original personalities, they'v'e been...changed. Rainbow is collected and irritable, Twilight is arrogant and an ass, Fluttershy is brave and smart, and Rarity is plain and humble. Pinkie and Applejack have changed the least, but Applejack is a lot more calculating, like gears, and Pinkie is much more reserved, if a bit zany still.

o o f

I still won't forgive you for that, GM. I hate it almost as much as I hate the original Twilight getting disintegrated.

Man, Twilight is such a self important cock-waffle. XD I love it.

I'm also super invested in this, can't wait to see more.

The result of near infinite power. She’s irritating,but damn if I ain’t jealous.

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