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I'm just an average girl who loves everything MLP. I've been shy about writing something FiM after seeing so many other wonderful fics, but I'm thinking of finally giving it a try.


My Dad got the Covid Vaccination · 7:08pm February 14th

And he's coughing a lot...

I'm not worried about catching it. I'm worried about him coming down with it and then Mom.

This whole pandemic has put a lot of things into perspective, a lot of fears I've tried to push aside to light, and it made me remember the comic from this old blog post.

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Thanks for watching me, too!

Glad to hear that, and thank you for further faves. I hope that you read the rest of the storyline thus far, and enjoy it just as much.

Awesome! I can't wait to read more :raritystarry:

I'm glad that you like them. I'm optimistic that I'll have new stories featuring the two of them by the new year.

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