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I'm just an average girl who loves everything MLP. I've been shy about writing something FiM after seeing so many other wonderful fics, but I'm thinking of finally giving it a try.


Happy 4th of July! · 4:03pm Yesterday

Just got finished having, by my family's standards, a feast that I helped prepare and a food coma is looming, but it put me in the mood to wish everyone a happy Independence Day :twilightsmile:

....just ignore all the BS that's been happening around the world, lately, and focus on having some time to relax and have fun with your loved ones. It'll do your sanity good :twilightblush:

...buh, I ate too much -_-

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"gives you a BIG huggie"
You're awesome too <3 Thank you :twilightsmile:

Duck #59 · May 18th · · ·

Hey you this is a random reminder that you're awesome thank you for your time have a really nice day

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