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"[FoME] manages the impossible combination of being an actual legitimate nerd while staying unabashedly pleasant." —Aragón



Something is gathering around the bearers of the Elements of Harmony. Something dangerous. Something magical. There's only one pony with the knowledge, the skills, and the muffins needed to save Equestria as we know it.
A Friendship is Magic: the Gathering crossover, taking place between seasons 1 and 2. Here there be flashbacks, briefly seen OC's, and possibly every emotion known to man or tiny horse. Abandon all pretenses of not being a nerd, ye who enter here.

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K now hurry up and get somewhere and i'll be happy. The writing is great Storyline is working and Magic references are working.

Oh and your card is actually a 4 costing uncommon. Just saying.

I love the language in your story, the way the story is developing, and the smooth connection between Equestrian and collectivecardgamingmagic. (And I like Scootaloo having two full parents, including a father sneaking her novels that certainly arent for little girls.:raritywink:)

Hmm. I'd argue that red fits better for Pinkie Pie (She just does whatever comes into her head without thinking about it), and black for Rainbow Dash (She'll do anything to win).

I was connecting colors to Elements, not ponies. Loyalty is definitely more red than black (see Brand), whereas Laughter could fit just about anywhere, and something had to go in black. Also, consider the following: Pinkie Pie, dementia summoner. :pinkiecrazy:

This is an interesting wrinkle; having Trixie come into play wondering how the hay a Pegasus pony can cast spells is going to make for a fun little read.

*Begin reading first chapter. Spot reference to Haruhi. Proceed to laugh for about 5 minutes. Finish laughing, proceed to read the rest of the story.*

For the record, Twilight would make an excellent Kyon, Fluttershy is clearly an ESPer, Dash is a time traveler, and Pinkie is obviously an alien. You just managed to rearrange my entire head-canon. Well done.

Yeah, writing Pinkie is an adventure in stream of consciousness with tributaries running through most of TV Tropes. At least, that's how it is for me. :pinkiehappy:

7195 Fair enough!

Okay....we have more backstory on Ditzy, more of Twilight's literal-mindedness and tendency to panic biting her in the flanks, Sweetie Belle being five minutes away from telling Steve and the other gentlecolts to behold silence, Celestia's numbered smiles and finally Ditzy explaining exactly how real things have gotten. That being said, I can't wait to see how the day gets saved.

Interesting assortment of tags... One of them NOT being dark (which hopefully suggests no gore, violence, or death)... And one of them being comedy (my favorite tag)...

But I know NOTHING about Magic: The Gathering.

Do I need to know about Magic the Gathering to read this, or will it introduce the concepts as I go nicely?

9370 I'm trying to introduce the concepts as I go. Basically, just ignore the card I put at the end of each chapter and you should be fine. Hopefully.:twilightsheepish:

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF written on the sun. Now that is comic relief that I would have expected from a silverbordered UN-set. Keep this up I love it.

Okay, the Elementals are almost assembled, the Meek and Penitent Trixie is trying to figure out what's going on, Nightmare Moon is in the house and Ditzy has just got some backup (not that she knows it yet). Also, Kwisatz Haderapple? This IS a nerdfest!!:pinkiehappy:

:pinkiehappy: Great song, very amusing to read.

Oh I see what you did there! Nice Dwarf Fortress reference! And pinkie breaking the fourth wall again... But seiously, MLP crossed with Magic: the gathering, crossed with a reference of DF? Just add some Mass Effect and this story will bwe my entire being.

15726 I'm Commander FanOfMostEverything, and this is my favorite comment on the Citadel.:raritywink:

nice work on your story, keep it up!

Tezzeret! Tezzeret? Tezzeret saw Ditzy Doo flying by and she's still alive? Tezzeret actually feeling pity for any living being???

I'm sorry but I think my suspension of disbelief was shattered worse then if Pinkie Pie had taken TNT to the bricks to the fourth wall. The man is very intelligent, cold, cruel, calculating, and has special talent for murdering the mother of anyone he perceives to have slighted him. Furthermore besides this break of character from someone that would fell quite at home in the Italian Mafia, if he was on his way to Mirrodin then you might of given your story a plot hole:
1) Ditzy doo wouldn't of done any planeswalking after she had returned to Equestria
2) the events in Scars of Mirrodin are too recent for Tezzeret to have started the journey to Mirrodin before Ditzy returned to Equestria.

Is it weird that I think of Walter C. Dornez whenever Flawless Composure does anything? Is that intentional, or am I completely insane?

(The following paragraph is full of Magic flavor nonsense. Ignore if you don't follow the story behind the cards.)
16544 Well, someone never read Test of Metal. Tezzeret has a soft side, believe it or not. It's just very well hidden most of the time. Also, ever since Bolas reconstructed his brain after Jace Beleren reduced it to head cheese, Tezz has been much calmer and generally nicer than before. Oh sure, he's hung a Sword of Damocles over Jace's head, but he doesn't go out of his way to antagonize anyone who hasn't done the same to him. He may be cold, cruel, calculating, and matricidally gifted, but he's learned the value of having a friend. Yes, really. Besides, it's not like he's going to be all sweetness and light. Give me a chance here.

17878 I swear it was completely unintentional, but I definitely see how you could make the connection. That said, I don't think we'll be seeing him do anything lethally awesome with piano wire.:raritywink:

18094 Awwwww... too bad. Oh well, I guess he can still be an awesome butler without slaughtering hordes of ghouls.

Fair enough, But that still leaves the plot hole left by your timeline. Ditzy hasn't done anymore planeswalking since she returned to Equestria. And the Blind Eternities are subject to time because they are subject to (very very frequent) change.

21366 I never said when this story was taking place on the Magic timeline (which has gotten a bit muddled anyway.) The reference to Tezzeret merely establishes one chronology's relationship to another. In this case, the events of Elementals of Harmony take place several years after the compleation of New Phyrexia. Just because the story contradicts your assumptions doesn't always mean that the story contradicts itself. It could just mean that your assumption was wrong.

That said, thanks for reading, and for caring enough to point out what you thought was a plot hole.:pinkiesmile:

So, what have we learned today?
1. Nightmare Moon is actually pretty decent when not suffering from extreme isolation.
2. Fangirl/boyism is capable of uniting beings from different planes of reality.
3. You portray a great Spike.
4. Pinkie Pie is still the best pony. Ever. Of all time.
And 5. Turns out I'm capable of laughing for five minutes straight. Did not know I could do that.

No wonder she told the CMC that crazy story about the rock farm; Ditzy is about the only pony around who could understand how she really got her cutie mark.

:rainbowlaugh: I nearly died laughing at Pinkie's list of accomplishments. I know I saw Silence cast on Pinkie, but I can't place the sensor spell, or any I might be forgetting.

Quick question: I know that whatever is happening at Twi's place is going to be bad :pinkiegasp::applejackconfused::raritycry: but exactly how big a mess will Ditzy, Pinkie Pie and Tezzeret have to clean up and how many unicorns will be traumatized for life?:rainbowderp::rainbowhuh:

Pinkie is Emrakul's therapist? And survived an encounter with the Elder Dragon Nicol Bolas mentally unscathed? Dear god.
I mean, I always suspected that she was a planeswalker, but HELL. My mind = BLOWN.


This fic is impossibly awesome.

You MUST continue this!

I'm not surprised in the least that Pinkie is a planewalker. Pinkie's rather long list of other planar accomplishments on the other hand was kinda surprising.

Just as I start to wonder how this story can get any better, you throw another hillarious curveball that leaves me eager to read more.:pinkiehappy:

27782 The sensor spell is an original creation. Sort of. It would have been the card of the chapter, but Pinkie kind of overshadowed it. Here it is in card form:

Ditzy's Probe 1U
Creature — Eye Illusion
Players play with their hands revealed.
"First one to make a joke about my wandering eye swallows his teeth."
—Ditzy Doo

27800 That would be telling. :raritywink: However, I will tell you that the truth to Pinkie's youth will be revealed next chapter.

Judging by the description of the Planeswalker that rescued Ditzy, would I be wrong to assume he's Garruk pre-Inistrad?

Ack, never mind, It's Tezzeret.

I am not a clever Pony.

"Nicol Bolas, elder dragon planeswalker, acknowledges me as the one being who has withstood his touch with sanity unchanged"

LIES!! My touch did have an effect on her sanity... [url=http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Search/Default.aspx?text=+[madness]]It made her even more dangerous

Your fic is amazing and you should feel amazing.

I see what you did with the xorn. Of course this crossover includes D&D monsters!

"Scream and run in circles! It's our only chance!":pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Cheerleads the panic When in Panic! When in Doubt! Run in CIrcles ,scream and shout!

A sealab 2021 reference and then a portal 2 reference? And they have both been used in-context to make this story exceedingly funny and fun to read?
If I wasn't already loving this, I am now.

"Aristrotle and mashy spike-plate" Nice portal 2 reference there.

oh now this had been a fun (if Achronistic) read. I look forward to seeing this play out.

I can't help but wonder if the Magic Elemental won't be an enchantment...

This fic makes my brain ache in the most glorious. Also, Magic the Gathering.

I can't hold all these stars, take five of them.

I like Telecornesis. It makes all Unicorns into Twiddle-on-a-stick. Given enough blue mana that can be insanely annoying.

A Fist of the North Star refrence and fourth wall breaking with Pinkie?!

FanofMostEverything, I salute you for this awesome.

Dang it, I wanted to see split second shenanigans, especially once Ditzy started channeling red!
I can't wait to see how Generosity is defeated.

Now you've got me wondering, is Twi gonna be 5c or colorless?

And the traditional author/Pinkie Pie conversation has been done. Can't say I'm particularly surprised, given that you effectively made Pinkie one of the most powerful creatures in the Multiverse. You pulled it off nicely though; didn't feel shoehorned in, like a few others I could name... And a few more manga references makes me a very happy and entertained reader.

You've managed to catch just the right mix between adventure and comedy here; laughs come with nearly every paragraph, but you've got your fair share of serious drama too. Not everyone can do that, very well done. One of the reasons this story is one of favorites on the site.

Are you still working on this? It's been nearly a month since the last update...

Somehow you manage to make things like Pinkie Pie being a planeswalker work, made Dinky the most adorable foal ever, and made Trixie lovable. All without breaking my brain.

I won't say that it will absolutely win the internet yet because for that you would to something random like Lauren Faust as an allicorn dragging Nicol Bolas away to speak with his mother. But I know it's still possible in future chapters.

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