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This story is a sequel to One Day I Found a Multiverse in My Pajamas

A long time ago, before Sunset Shimmer saved the world, before Starswirl banished the Sirens away, before Magic vanished... there was an incredible kingdom, that spanned the stars. A great war sealed them away, but now they awaken, ready to defend the world once more! And already a great hero has arisen to lead them in their quest for the lost moon princess!

Part of the Oversaturated World. Cover art is a combination of artworks by Hybryda and BlackGryph0n.

Chapters (8)
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Part of the Oversaturated World.

But you are not FanOfMostEverything?!
Or wait am i confused and are you the maker of Oversaturated and FOME has a different name for his universe?

More than one writer can play in the sandbox.

:rainbowlaugh: This is magnificent. And the primary thing I wanted to do with Ditzy can simply be set before this particular encounter. I am pleased! Larson, express my approval!


Looking forward to more. :twilightsmile:

This story now has an entry on the TVTropes Page. Gonna read it now...

Very Interesting! And here's the monster! ... Unless it's not a monster...

Perhaps stick a translation of the Japanese into Author Notes? ... Or just keep Google Translate side-by-side... Or you don't intend a translation 'cause it's not necessary? *shrugs*

drawn taught -> drawn taut...

... And with that image, this is Canon. Changing Page...

Well you did say you were planning a magical girl story. Didn't think you would get to it that soon.

I can help clean up the Japanese a little if you like. Would you rather do it in the comments or via PM?

"That," the feline said with forced calm, "is a Gate. It can take us to worlds where strange and wondrous creatures roam, where incredible devices beyond your imagining rest, where even the very sky seems different from--"

"Been there, done that."

Best exchange ever :rainbowlaugh:
Insta fave. I so love the Oversaturated universe for it's humongous shenanigans potential. And Sunset, she's a riot as an all-powerful goddess. Spoiling stuff if people have not read the original story yet.
She IS rather missing in interactions, lately... We wants moar of her :derpytongue2:

Kikai No Kawa... What does that mean? Hmm... We don't have the original characters, so figuring out from a Transliteration is a maze...

Also, cobwebs means that spiders are in the whereever? Nevermind, it just felt like one.

I guess Dinky's magic amplification is just figuring how to Anti-Magic Anti-Magic, or something. ... "If you know how to take it apart, you know how to put it back together" (and possibly improve it).

Or just different version, different powers. Hmm... Perhaps Dinky is fated to have a Magic Mark, but precisely what it is is variable, but its high probability of Anti or Amplify Magic makes her a target of Nico Bolas...

... Do we even know if the current universe is the Oversaturated one? Maybe it is, 'cause Sunset's not coming to the rescue, which she might if Ditzy went outside the universe again? Then again, Ditzy has a track record of getting back safely, so Sunset might not be paying attention to Ditzy's excursions...

Aaaaaaand tracking hell yeah this oughta be a romp

Well this will either be interesting or a train wreck. It'll be hilarious either way. Tracking!

I wonder how the cat will react to the fact that Ditzy can see and move in more than 4 dimentions? Sailor moon never had that problem:derpytongue2:, from what I remember it was teen drama interspersed with occasional monster fights.

For a brief moment, Ditzy's brain got jammed trying to decide between dinosaur and amazon when defining the creature. Its red eyes snapped to her, and she ended up settling for something else entirely that happens to be LUNGING AT ME!

Interesting Opening!


Human... in Japanese...


That's an interesting curse... Perhaps as a reference to vaporization making what is effectively stardust, as all comes from stardust and all will return to stardust... Or a religious curse thing, as everything comes from stardust...

... Wait, did the Vacuoi turn into stardust, which is that orange dust, after being vaporized?

... That's a sad ending, if the Kikai's thoughts are true... But Is she the only one who survived the millennium? ... No, wait, she was one of the ones who stayed, her family and clan, I guess they didn't go into stasis.

Hmm... I guess the Vacuoi have been eating Equestrian magic?

It's been a year. Huh...

wrapping her wand around the thick neck.

Do you mean choking it? 'Cause wrapping makes it sound like the wand is bendy and is sort of forced to conform to the neck's shape...

More discs = More costumes...



press(ed) the button

monstrosity -> monstrosities


Thanks for setting this a year after Oversaturation. That should be plenty of time to work with for anything I might have Ditzy do. :twilightsmile:

In any case, very thrilling second chapter, with a nicely bittersweet ending. I look forward to seeing where you go from here. Especially now that humanity represents a banquet to the Vaucoi.


Well, it has been almost a year since the final chapter was published.

Well, that was a depressing way to end this chapter. Now I'm sad, ya jerk :fluttercry:

Now that ive read all the shorts you and FOME made i am LOVING this excursion!


Oh, forgot to comment on the names for the Aliens...

Munarin relates to Moon? Vacuoi relate to Vacuum, as in Vaccum of space and their being Vaccummers of magic? ... It's Vaucoi. Not Vacuoi. So that's another theory-thing down...

:rainbowlaugh: Well, this is delightful thus far. The Lyras switching places is unexpected, but I can certainly work with that. Your takes on Blue and Raspberry, though, those are fantastic, as is Ditzy's buffet of noodle incidents. (To others reading this comment, I can guarantee that I have a story planned for at least one of those.)

"Alrighty then, subject changing prana!"

Razz, you may be living in an anime now, but I don't think you've quite hit Exalted levels of over-the-top bullcrap. Even if you are friends with an earth aspect.

Definitely looking forward to more. (And given her aunts, I can't help but suspect that Dinky's been exposed to far worse already...)

Hmm... Interesting chapter! Character development for Razz and Blue. ... Other Berries are other Sailors? More Dinky + Ditzy interaction...

Lyra and Sweetie Drops as Sailors, expy of the lesibian Sailors?

Can Sunset get them to the moon?

Stripped naked for science thrice? Once I get but why thrice unless by different people each time, or after certain changes?

Teleportitis? Define, please?

Pirate Booty, what?

Bonbons as in breasts as in "Shake your bonbons?" ? Did they get drunk? How many were involved in that incident? ... Or reference to some other story?

7651883 No? BUT WHYYYYY?!? :pinkiegasp:

7651797 You can't reach Exalted levels of bullcrappery if you don't work towards it. Shouting your techniques is a good step towards that, with or without essence. Hmm... would the Oversaturated world support Exalts? :rainbowhuh:

"Look at her!" Sweetie exploded. "I love her and I can work with touch but--but she's just too cute to be sexy!"

Best quote of the chapter :rainbowlaugh:

And I still say there should be more bacon horse goddess going on. She's too absent from the stories of this universe, nowadays :rainbowwild:


Hmm... would the Oversaturated world support Exalts?

Theoretically, Solar Exalts or something like them could be a thing by way of Sunset. Of course, that seems like the sort of thing that would encourage worshiping her, and often for entirely selfish reasons. Needless to say, not likely to happen.

There's no one powerful enough to endorse Lunar or Sidereal Exaltations, and in the case of every Sid but the Chosen of Serenity, not even an insufficiently powerful candidate. If you define the Dragon-Blooded as "genetically inherited magical power," then everyone on Earth technically qualifies.

Going to be honest, I did not know prana came from Exalted. I just saw "subject changing prana" floating around the net and I figured Razz would pick it up.

Hmm... Ditzy's adventures might not have happened all in OversaturatedWorld... Explains why she needed to strip for science more than once if by different Twilights in different worlds. ... Wonder if there's multiversal refugees, like Fttpp or however its spelt...

Ditzy met a rule 63 of herself yet?

fought off a giant swarm of replicating cybernetic waffles, visited by a spirit of Yuletide past who got the wrong address, shanghaied into finding incredibly saucy pirate booty, stopped no less than thirteen apocalypse cults, contracted the first case of teleportitis despite not having a unicorn aspect, stripped naked for science three times, encountered an invisible fluffy tentacle monster that demanded entirely platonic cuddles, crashed Vinyl's car through the roof of a skyscraper

The noodles are strong with Ditz One.

I love this!
This technique you do!
You manage to keep the sailor moon in equestrian!earth without losing any snarky-logical elements that define oversaturation!

Maybe they should talk to Sunset, her godlike powers could help them solve the problem by getting them to the moon instantly.:pinkiehappy:

Of course if they did that, then we might run out of story:ajsmug:

Wait... Blue is for Blue Oyster, not Blueberry... So my speculation for the other members of Ditzy's crew being various berries is out... Unless Blue is the OddNameOut...

Hmm... Will Ditzy have to wait for the Vacuoi? Or will some Techno-Empathy sync with Munarin tech and therefore advance understanding to get much needed combat tech or something, by tomorrow, or in 1 hour or something?

If we're continuing the Sailor Moon's Luna connection, there's even more things that Kikai is assuming or forgot. Tuxedo Mask or something appears and is Dinky's dad? Or, for a change, is love interest of either Blue or Razz... Flash Sentry, perhaps? Or someone new? ... If there's a Sailor V... Cadence? For the Love Planet / goddess connection? Especially since Cadence's planet is Venus in Elementals of Harmony, but Ditzy doesn't know that...

I'm going to be honest: You keep misspelling Vaucoi. Part of me just gets irritated at that. It's irrational, I know, but.... yeah.


You keep misspelling Vaucoi.

:twilightoops: :facehoof:

Well, that breaks the foundation of this idea:

Vacuoi relate to Vacuum, as in Vaccum of space and their being Vaccummers of magic?

Oh, and calling it now, Dinky's father is Blue Berry. Or razz. Either way, I ship that :trollestia:

Oh man I had almost forgot about the Lyra swap piece from the flash fiction group

I was thinking it came from the Nasuverse. Or possibly from a Hindu thing.

Am I the only one getting SG1 vibes from this? Not that that is a bad thing.

The first place I saw (and where 90% of the uses I've seen of) "Subject Changing Prana" is Shadowjack's "In Which I Watch Sailor Moon", over on the RPG.net forums. The threads contain some discussion of "Sailor Senshi as Exalted".

:rainbowlaugh: ... That was awesome!

So now we've got a look into Shimmerism. And Sailor Luna. Mmm...

Title Drop!

Hmm... Ah. From this. Ditzy's interpreting Sunset as Helios. Solar to Solar. Makes sense. :pinkiesmile:

Weird shit is happening every day, Ditzy! It's like fate's being run by somebody who wants to pack reality full of things that are astounding, dramatic, or just plain weird!"

None of them noticed the three little girls across the park sneeze, one by one.


About that Sailor Hades bit
You can't tell me at least a few of you weren't thinking it.

"A proud member of the Church of the Divine Bacon Horse."

Why do I get a Pastafarian vibe here?

:rainbowlaugh: Yeah, after a year of escalating insanity, this seems about right. I definitely wasn't expecting a reference to the Church of the Divine Bacon Horse, but darn if it doesn't work. (Also, the less said about Cousin Puff's sister, the better...)

That being said, I'm afraid I didn't catch the reference with Shadowjack. :applejackunsure:

It's sort of like worshipping the Invisible Pink Unicorn, only she's visible, orange, and frequently exasperated.

Shadowjack's "In Which I Watch Sailor Moon" is a comedic retelling/summary thread wherein Shadowjack posts scripts of a much more genre savvy cast's lives through the Sailor Moon anime, punctuated with comics, shipping, and entertaining tangents into AU versions or possible ancient history of the Sailor Moon setting. One of the running gags is that, for no readily apparent reason, Sailor Mars is Latina.

Building a super team based on an anime is generally not a smart idea, even if it is one of the best ever, though I think these girls have a decent shot. I wonder if the Tuxedo Mask equivalent is going to show up at some point? Wait, of course he is. Only question is who he'll be.

And Blue touched on a good question for the 'verse as a whole (and many others): what makes a being a god?

Hmmmmmm, soooo we have Carrot Top, Ditzy Doo and Raindrops on a team of heroes..... Will Trixie be showing up soon?

Oh my god I hope this "Cousin Puff" is who I think it is. Doubly so if she's a part of the Wholesome.

Also, who do these crazy Power Patriot kids think they are, fighting crime by night and going to school by day ;P

She's not part of the Wholesome. She did, however, date Chrysalis. Briefly. Back before Chryssi met Luna. They parted on amicable terms.

Well, it's official; the Church of the Divine Bacon Horse, at least at CHS, exists solely to troll Sunset into humility. That, or her former victims enjoy slowly driving her nuts.

I was under the impression that "Harminisim" was itself a religion. Out of curiosity, are the practitioners of that faith aware of Sunset's "purpose" as the Spirit of Harmony, and how does that religion as a whole view Sunset? As an Angel? A Saint? A Prophet?

"I acknowledge that Sunset Shimmer is an extra-universal entity with significant control over our cosmological existence." Blue scrolled through her iPhone. "I simply don't believe that makes her a god or otherwise holy being."

Though, isn't an "Extra-universal entity with significant control over cosmological existence" the definition of a god? Lowercase g, if nothing else.

On a broader scope, though, the explanation given here about space faring civilizations not being previously noticeable is a rather clever resolution of the Fermi paradox. The reason there's no visible evidence of the civilizations that should be there is because they were all built on a fundamental force that basically went missing some time ago- either a civilization went dormant into stasis, having been prepared by the aforementioned Null Storms, or if unprepared, completely collapsed, either into ruins and extinction, or into primitivism, as the technology they depended on stopped working.

That just leave the question... how many ancient interstellar civilizations are slowly whirring back to life now that magic is back?


Of course, building a team in a manga based on comic books is an even worse idea. Just read Titans: Rock Paper Scissors sometime.

The Church Of The Divine... Bacon Horse?


Hold on, I'm gonna do something.

I'll make you an admin, go nuts.

I regret nothing.



7667535 7662391
You do realize of course this... is probably going to be a parody group spinoff of the Oversaturated World.


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