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A long time ago, I created with abandon. I thought those times were behind me...

It's time to pick up the pen once more...


Time for Requests! · 8:02pm Dec 18th, 2013

Once again I'm going on break from Disney for a little while, so I'm taking requests for PMVs to make in the interval. They can be anything you can think of, but there are a few rules for you to follow. Each post needs to be numbered and be laid out like this:

1. Post any suggestions for a PMV here. You can post as many suggestions as you like, but they can't be Disney songs and they must be appropriate for everyone.

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1852800 you mean that bunch of maniacs who put triangles everywhere because they think triangles are scary, here´s a hint, THEY´RE NOT! or maybe that´s the Gravity Falls fandom anyway bunch of maniacs

If you really want a game to tear the main 6 apart -- Illuminati...

I would request a PMV of I Have The Power the theme song of the movie He-man and She-ra The Secret of the Sword.

Do a PMV of If I Didn't Have You with Luna as Cornwall and Celestia as Devon.

you should do Friends on the other side Reprise with Tirek

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