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This story is a sequel to Steel Soul

Sweetie Belle has discovered a secret. She's spent a few months keeping it to herself, but the nightmares she's had have convinced her it might be time to reveal it.

Sequel to Steel Soul.

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Oooh, this is gonna be goood. :pinkiehappy:

Also, surprisingly deep, insightful Pinkie is best Pinkie.

This chapter....it gave me feels.

Well done.

I loved the original. Loving this.

Keep up the good work

I should probably give a shout out to One Day More, as I felt it was too good simply to declare noncanon, even though it would conflict with this canon. You want to see Sweetie's nightmares? Go read that.

Sweetie Belle is best sentient lifeform.

Who else came here expecting Sweetie Bot? :duck:

Analysis: Inconclusive.
A bigger data set is needed. Please provide as soon as possible.

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+Stopping Brain.exe...
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All goofing aside, this is a nice take on the whole Sweetie Bot arc. I look forward to see where this goes. :twilightsmile:

I actually thought it was an edited repost of Steel Soul until I saw the picture and realized it was a sequel.

Oh, hey, you. Kewl stuff.

This is excellent, can't wait for more!

"....three of tha most thick-headed fillies Ah've ever met!"

Awesome transition. XD

Oh yay, I've been hankering for a Steel Soul sequel ever since I read it a little while ago! Good on ya :rainbowkiss:

A neat little series to look at, and hope your muse brings you more stories to share.

Alright so now Sweetie-bot has learned a lesson but she still wont tell her friends that she found out she's a robot, even though they keep saying no matter what happens that they'll always be there for her even if she turns into a Timberwolf, if that's not love worth sharing your secrets with I don't know what is. :pinkiehappy:

Fucking assholes, talking in italics and such.

Is Big McIntosh's speech pattern contagious or why was Apple Bloom speaking in "Eeeeyup" and "Eeeenope."s?:duck:

I can not help but feel like I should read this if only for the similarity in name...

Hopefully things will prove worth the read even if if goes down as relatively short a read compared to what I am used to reading...


I know, right? The nerve of some ponies!

oh dear. that means there are other robots?

Hot damn a plot! MOAR! :rainbowwild:

Saint Germane smiled as her daughter walked into the kitchen.

I see what you did there my friend.

And it seems Mom and Dad are really into each other right now...if you know what I mean.:raritywink:

And MORE Robots?


"Maybe she's busy wrapping up a birthday present for you."

The unicorn gave her friend a look as she clambered into the wagon. "Scoots, my birthday isn't for eleven months."



How dare they? I've never seen such atrocities(That how you spell it? Can't brain at the moment.).

Other drones?... :pinkiegasp:
things get .. complicated. :raritywink:

This is a sequal to a story I have already read. So no, I did not expect this to be set in the FiW setting. Steel Belle is 120% cooler than Sweetie Bot. :rainbowdetermined2:

...if only because her waste heat venting system is more advanced. :pinkiehappy:

I see what that script kiddie screwed up. Try this:
+write to C:\Subconscious\FiM\Fandom\SteelBelle.mem from H:\Eyes

When in doubt, create a new file. :twilightsmile:

More robots. Question is who made them?:derpyderp1:

We now know that at least 58 mecha fillies were deployed. My worry is that multiple units may have been remotely terminated.

...also, why haven't they told Twilight, and by extension, Princess Celestia about Sweetie's condition?

And on that subject, does Twilight have wings now? A scene of her taking flying lessons from Rainbow Dash (and failing hard) would be a nice touch in that case. Or at least touching upon the Cutie Mark Swap that happened. The CMC would be very interested in that little fracas, I assure you.

This story really isn't as popular as it should be. :unsuresweetie:

Have you considered submitting to EQD? Because this is quality stuff :pinkiehappy:

Interesting. You've got me somewhat into Sweetie Bot at the moment, yet at this point I'm thinking quite the opposite will be true: Sweetie Belle being the only non-robot in the current universe. I'll definitely be following this; keep up the good work!

This...I like this. MAKE MOAR.

I require a new chapter.

I guess I need to use my favourite kind of magic which requires Lightning.... Or did your fic fall into a coma like rainbow dash?

...agreed. MOAR! :flutterrage:

"...alright..." The yellow filly tapped her chin thoughtfully. "...On a scale of one ta ten, one being that yer favorite color's pink and ten being that we're all actually tha products of tha imagination of a red-maned monkey mare, how world-shaken' is this secret?"

Apple Bloom has broken the fourth wall....it's the apocalypse.

In other news, the evil council of evil masterminds of evil is kwel.



"Well, I heard somewhere that the youngest pregnancy on record was a five year old..."

I've heard of that. I think I read it on Cracked...

This pleases me.


"Um, I... I'm a robot."

Don't worry Sweetie Belle you're not alone right Soldier?

Red-maned monkey mare! :scootangel:

Lovely chapter, it was lots of fun! :pinkiehappy:

Should these cutaways to the Evil Council be reminding me of Metalocalypse?

Hehehe; why is it that the bit about Scootaloo asking if Sweetie was pregnant made me laugh so hard? :rainbowlaugh:

There's absolutely no way that we live in the imagination of a red maned fur-less monkey mare... Power Puff Girls suddenly crash through the roof... Maybe I'm wrong.

signed the good dr.

D'aww. Friends forever, carbon or silicon. :twilightsmile:

Now, if only we didn't have the Shadowy Council of Sinister Vagueness to worry about...


An update? I'm so happy that I'm bouncing!

Broke the like button . . . . . .

Sweeite Belle had just taken her hoof off and revealed machinery that fascinated and... slightly excited her friend.

...I'd ship that. :rainbowwild:

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