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Domesticated Foxes · 4:18am Apr 6th, 2020

I read an article in a magazine (most likely Popular Science, but it might have been from a number of them) about this experiment in Russia, where they decided to test the process of domestication, and see if it could be replicated.

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Yeah, sorry for being so absent. Not only did I get distracted with other kinds of fanfiction, but I also got busy with other projects, like Twine game development and so forth.

Hopefully I will still be able to update things. I should.

I definitely haven't drifted away from the fandom or something. (The Twine project is actually set in the MLP universe. I'm just writing it in a manner that you don't have to have context to play it.)

You there?

You okay there you haven't been on in a while so I was kinda of scared that covid got to you

Yeah. That is actually one of the main reasons I decided to publish Wild Magic. I love foxes, and couldn't find many stories involving them that were still active.

While my attention will be a little split, since I'm starting preliminary work on getting a non-MLP related book made, I'm definitely not going to abandon it. Or any of my other stories, for that matter, but Wild Magic (and The Filly Within) will have a bit more priority.

I really mean it there aren't a lot of fox stories the ones that are usually don't update that often

Wild magic grate :pinkiehappy: I hop you can post more

I NEEED IT!!!!!!!! More Wild magic chapters to read

Eh it's fine stuff like that happens.

Yeah... I was going though my stories and downloading text versions of them. Since unpublished chapters don't show up in downloads, I had been publishing chapters before downloading. I have a lot of stories that haven't been published at all.

And then I completely forgot that for stories that I had already published, yes, publishing does indeed mean releasing chapters.

Sorry about that.

I take it you accidentally posted Chapter 7 of Golden Ink as I got an Email Message stating that you updated but the page isn't there anymore.

Yeah, even though I love Fluttershy, I can't seem to write for her other than a secondary role. I can have the protagonist interact with her frequently, but writing from her perspective is the most difficult thing for me. (I mean, the fact that I am pretty extroverted probably doesn't help much.)

Thank you for the favorite and all the comments on Apples, Bat Ponies, and Secrets. I am glad you enjoyed the story. I appreciate that you took the time to give me feedback on how I was doing with the characters' personalities. I find that Fluttershy can be tough to write. I am happy that you felt that I stayed close enough to her established traits for the story to hold together.

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Thanks for the fave mate. Don't forget to SMASH that like button and give that follow button a quick slap for further shenaniganry.
And don't be afraid to drop your thoughts in that comment box, and refer the story to your friends, family, neighbors, strangers, your postal carrier...

Thank you so much for the fav on Equestria Girls and the Golden Bell, and also, love the comments!

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