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Fate can not be Rewritten either for the better or for the worse but the balance must be upheld even if that means it changes fate

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You're welcome it was a short but it was was really good I really hope you would get featured for it has a lot of potential

Thanks for the fave.

It's okay if you're having problems I RL take your time and do what you need to Center yourself I just loved your work and if I knew you have problems cuz you didn't post anything about it I would have just set how much I like you working hope you continue what you're doing until better it's just I haven't been on here long but I've been on here long enough to see over two artists come and go and wonderful stories never be truly complete oh well with all that said I hope you get situated what you need and I'll always be looking out for your story

  • Viewing 13 - 17 of 17
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