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Im from the Netherlands!!!! 16 Years and counting. I'm a: Writer, Artist and Gamer. and Rainbow Dash is the best!! im also a beginning music producer working together with mr reader.

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  • 323 weeks
    My last post on here

    Hey everyone,

    I dont think any of you will still know me.....

    I have been on Fimfiction since 8th march 2016 i wrote some stories made some friends and had a great time.

    Then life came at me, ive been really depressed, had a lot of money issues, lost some friends and even made an attempt to end my life. during those bad times i just stopped using a lot of websites including this one. I'm sorry for all the people who were worried for me.

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  • 373 weeks
    I'm still alive!

    Hey y'all! I'm still alive!

    Some very unfortunate events messed up my life pretty bad but I'm getting it back on track now.

    I'm still alive and I'm spending a lot of time on my secret project. All I'm going to say is that it is a big collaboration!


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  • 379 weeks

    Hey followers!

    I'm very sorry.

    "for what?" you might think...

    well... I'm sorry for a lot of things, I haven't been online for ages, I haven't been reading any messages, haven't replied to any message, comment etc...

    I'm not as active as I used to be... and I don't know if it's because of my lack of sleep or something else but I had a lot of stuff going on and mostly it wasn't any positive stuff.

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  • 384 weeks
    Happy Rainbow Dash Day!

    Hey everyone!!!

    Happy Rainbow Dash Day! :rainbowkiss:

    share your cute and funny Rainbow Dash pics/gifs/vids or whatever in the comments! (now I sound like a Dang YouTuber :rainbowlaugh: )

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  • 386 weeks
    Gabe died....

    And now.. you may ask.. Who's Gabe?

    Gabe is the world famous meme dog...

    they made a video because he died...

    if you see the video you'll know what dog it is XD

    R.I.P. Gabe. ? - 2017 may he rest in memes.

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Who i am

Project X

Project X is going very well, we are working on chapter 5 now.

thanks to all these awesome people who are working on Project X:

Chapter 1- SOARINDASH1
Chapter 2- EagleWings21
Chapter 3- Smitty91
Chapter 4- 654321
Chapter 5- RainbowdashieCloudsdale (ME)
Chapter 6- RainbowDashX12345
Chapter 7- MrReader
Chapter 8- Frothy
Chapter 9- Just A Random Pegasus
Chapter 10- Tempest Knight
Chapter 11- Garzeel_
Chapter 12- Damcclub
Chapter 13- q1zx
Chapter 14- Wiltrose
Chapter 15- ScootalooCutie
Chapter 16- Dash32

we hope you will enjoy the story :scootangel:

My Awesome Editor And Proofreader!

My awesome editor: Just A Random Pegasus who edits all of my stories for me!
He is an awesome writer and editor so give him a follow if you want to know when his next story comes out.

And my amazing proofreader:Garzeel_ also give him a follow because he is a very good writer.

These two people are amazing and i cant thank them enough!

What im currently working on

Im currently working on 4 stories and 1 work of art
1. The sequel to: How to preen your chicken. (Original story: click here for the story )
2. A romance story with Scootaloo named: Scootaloo's crush
3. The story for project x named: After A Hurricane Comes A Rainbow
4. My first try on a comedy story named: Too Much Cider. It a a rainbow Dash story.
I just finished Applejacks secret and its now online.

I'm also working on on a big art project (the biggest one I ever did)
It's a very detailed Rainbow dash drawing called: Shadow

My artwork

Lyra speedpaint:

i Livestreamed the making of it and you can see the stream here:

A dark/horror one of Cadence and Twilight:

And i like Twilight's mane like this!

and some artwork i made for my editor :Just A Random Pegasus:

for all of his hard work on my stories.

Im also working on my most complicated and detailed artwork ever called: Shadow. Inspired by tsitra360
It is still work in progress, this was the result of 20 hours of drawing:

Its Rainbow Dash.
Im drawing this in 4k resolution. And ive never made artwork this detailed. Please let me know what you think about it. (IT IS W.I.P. AND IT WILL BE COLOURED)

and something simple.. :scootangel:

and i the cover art i made for my story: Scootaloo's Crush

its very basic... :scootangel:

The art i made for my awesome proofreader Garzeel_:

Đ is my first mlp artwork ever

its based on the Rainbow factory fanfic.

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I'm alright. Glad to see you are too, my friend.





Hey all, just checking on you guys 😉
How are you all doing?

I'm doing okay at the moment. I just wanted to let you know that you mean so much to me, still to this day you are all amazing.

I wish you the best in your endeavors

Hope you're doing well, pal...

Whassup!!! I looked on yourYouTube channel for that Noghtcore song and it wasn't there. Is it perhaps on a different channel?

*checks watch* Wonder when he'll be back...

You know that jobs take a lot of time out of your schedule.


All we can do is wait. You said it yourself, you're extremely patient.

Ok, don't push it.

Well, besides that whole fiasco with the Goron Racetrack.

Yeah, he went apes*it.


Hey, how's the job going along?

2267111 Hey, that's also the time when my first part of STEM ends!:raritywink:

Well, if it'll take three weeks, then we can wait. You may not know this, but I'm extremely patient. :twilightsmile:

2261424 well.. to be honest... they are not going at all... I just don't have enough time to keep doing drawings... maybe in 3 weeks when my current job ends I'll be able to draw again but until then I just don't have the time to draw.:fluttercry:

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Such a good song XD

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