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Admiral Biscuit

I’d say don’t do drugs, kids, but I suppose if you lick them off a pony, it’s okay.

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Pandamoanium · 10:33pm November 30th

No, that title isn’t a typo.


It is, in fact, the title of the story that I commissioned from the wonderful anonpencil!

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I'm just a humble squirrel, toiling through a boring life, and writing about magical pastel ponies.
The hard life pegasus among stupid bipedal cornstalk.
Ponies are for hugging, not yelling.

I'm a little older than most bronies, but perhaps no wiser.
I'm detail obsessed. If I was one of the mane 6, I'd be Twilight.*
I work a blue-collar job during the day (with a blue shirt, even), and on the weekends I work at group homes.
When I'm not writing, I'm acting or practicing swordplay.
I'm terrible at bios.

I strive to maintain an open dialogue on all my stories and on my userpage; however, Comments that use inappropriate language or are inflammatory may be deleted at my discretion. Keep it civil, folks.

*even the pony personality test agrees!
Twilight Sparkle

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I should sue them; I was using the name “Admiral Biscuit” back in the 90s. :derpytongue2:

Maybe I should trademark it. :rainbowlaugh:

Interestingly, the name first came about in a role playing game that was set in space, so I guess in some ways it fits in the RvB universe.

I have read those, yes, and that probably played into it. However there's also some throw-away jokes from RvB that influenced it, too. First a soldier named Donut gets called "Private Biscuit", then soon after he's called "Admiral Buttercrust". Mix the two and you have you.

Red vs. Blue? That’s legit not me.

You’re probably thinking of Celestia Sleeps In or Onto the Pony Planet.

Or Peaches.:trollestia:

Now that you mention it (and I look at the story counter), I probably just read a few of your stories and squirreled your name away up top. Never mind. Sorry to bother you.
RED VS BLUE! THAT'S WHAT IT IS! Freaking Caboose. All these years and he still haunts me.

In what sense? Like are you forgetting what I’ve written that you might know, or do you have that feel that you know me IRL?

  • Viewing 791 - 795 of 795
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Science! · 2:56pm Aug 4th, 2013

So, in the interest of determining how much ponies actually weigh, I decided to conduct an experiment.

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