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The hard life pegasus among stupid bipedal cornstalk

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Barcast, final opportunity! · 12:35am 9 hours ago

If you've been waiting for the right question to strike you, or if you just forgot in the chaos of Bronycon and the flood of Bronycon-themed blog posts over the week . . . you're running out of time. As far as I know, they have a standard interview section that they start with, and then they get into the questions that people submitted. There may be a call-in option, I don't know. I'm not exactly sure how the internets work. Assuming there isn't, submit your questions here:

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I'm just a humble squirrel, toiling through a boring life, and writing about magical pastel ponies.

I'm a little older than most bronies, but perhaps no wiser.
I'm detail obsessed. If I was one of the mane 6, I'd be Twilight.*
I work a blue-collar job during the day (with a blue shirt, even), and on the weekends I work at group homes.
When I'm not writing, I'm acting or practicing swordplay.
I'm terrible at bios.

I strive to maintain an open dialogue on all my stories and on my userpage; however, Comments that use inappropriate language or are inflammatory may be deleted at my discretion. Keep it civil, folks.

*even the pony personality test agrees!
Twilight Sparkle

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Whoa, I never expect to see favorites on Results May Vary these days. Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed it!

What got my interest is that I have written several stories with Derpy and Berry as young single mothers, so I was interested to see where you took it.

I actually found you because of the batpony mailmare fic . . . read it at Bronycon and loved it, and started looking through your other stories to see what I might find interesting.

Coincidentally, Georg was also at Bronycon, and we talked a little bit about You've Got Spam.


Just out of curiosity, are you going to continue the Rosluck series?

Yes, although I don't know when. Those stories just sort of come to me all at once.

On the plus side, our shop is getting painted right now, and that made me think of Sam.

Whoa, I never expect to see favorites on Results May Vary these days. Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed it!

Just out of curiosity, are you going to continue the Rosluck series?

Just this week, I had a car that the symptom was 'wheel locks up when in reverse.' The order also said 'test drive for alignment.' I tried to duplicate the wheel locking up first, and I'm glad I did: I thought it was probably rear brakes, a not uncommon GM problem if something's broken back there. Instead, the mounting bracket for the rack and pinion was broken, so when you got a little speed in reverse, the right front wheel turned all the way to its stop while the left wheel stayed straight. Amazingly, you could drive it forward and it acted fairly normal, at least at low speeds.

The guy drove that car in.

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Science! · 2:56pm Aug 4th, 2013

So, in the interest of determining how much ponies actually weigh, I decided to conduct an experiment.

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