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The targets are Shoeshine and Cherry Berry. These two elusive background ponies show up just about everywhere with little to no recognition.

Our job is to locate and document all known sightings of the subjects.

We are the Shoeshine and Cherry Berry Investigation Squad.

Oh, don't even try to hide. I see you there.

The folders are as follows:
Leading Role: These are stories that feature either Shoeshine or Cherry Berry as the main character, or as part of a group of main characters.
Minor Role: These stories use Shoeshine or Cherry Berry as support for the main cast. Maybe they show up in one chapter, maybe they have one line, but they serve some purpose in the story.
Offhand Reference: Needed a random name to throw out and picked Cherry Berry or Shoeshine? Then your story might be in here.

Yes, this is a monumental waste of time.

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In my headcanon, they are BFFs (mainly based off the following image)
And I do plan on writing a story about them.

Thanks for adding High Flight to your group.

i, too, feel Cherry Berry is an underappreciated pony: she's got more lines than Lyra, and even has her own toy, but most fans don't know who she is. When I wrote the Cherry Berry chapter for The Album, the group moderator didn't even know who she was--and this was after Spike at your Service aired!

--admiral biscuit

(incidentally, my story I am a Pony Nopony Knows is also about Cherry Berry (although I never say so in the story), but it isn't all that good.

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