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Roxie made this for me! ^.^

ocalhoun, originally from Bronyville. Author, adventurer, minister, truck driver, webmaster, veteran, professional editor, electronics expert, security guard, inventor, horseman, lover, friend.
Never liked reading incomplete stories, so you won't find any here. Daily updates or the whole story at once.

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My inspiration to keep going:
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My friend [...] recently read One In A Million, as you know. What you may not know is that he loved it so much that he's been telling me all about it and how it really hit him where it hurt. In a good way, though.

For a long time, he's been unable to put fingers to keyboard on his own story, [...], citing it as a piece of trash that should be deleted. He's had low self-esteem ever since I've known him (about 9 months) and he has flirted with the idea of suicide more often than I'd like to admit.

Now, however, he seems to be coming out of his negativity... in quite a few aspects of his life. We're actually friends irl, so it's been wonderful to see the reversal in his attitude to life and writing lately, among other things.

One In a Million changed him. And I have you to thank for that.

Keep on trucking, you beautiful, beautiful bastard. -- NeverEatTheLemonsAlone

Every time I read this story you play with my heartstrings and spit in my face. --Obsidian Raindrop

All hail the messiah of clop! --Mephiles

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Just want to let you know that even though we disagree on stuff in groups, I still like your stories. <3

If 'my tongue wanted to slip out' or 'I wanted to slip my tongue out of my mouth' won't do, then "my tongue wanted to slip out of my mouth" is preferable, I think.

'The tongue' sounds strange and oddly impersonal, like it doesn't even belong to you.

It's all subjective anyway, and there's no rule that says you can't have two 'my's in the same sentence. Whatever helps accomplish the goals of the story.

I am the editor for that story and another example about the my usage. I changed a sentence from The tongue wanted to slip out of my mouth to my tongue wanted to slip out of my mouth. The author is uncomfortable with having two my's in the same sentence. how would we resolve this.

2494958 Thank you. I agree with you. Your sentence reads better than the one I posted.


Even after I kicked her in her torso, she didn’t move off of me.

Even after I kicked her in the torso, she didn’t move off of me.
Readers will understand that she didn't kick herself or someone else in the torso.

Don't know if that's relevant to the exact situation you're in, but if it isn't, you could let me fix the exact quote you're struggling with.

Quick question. Do you ever use the word 'my' twice in a sentence in your first-PoV stories? I don't want to, but it seems I'll be forced to do just that. I don't know how else to solve it without 'detaching' body parts.
I'd love to know how you deal with your mys in your stories.

How would you fix this one, for instance:

Even after I kicked her in her torso, she didn’t move off of me.


If I knew how to post to a group, I would totally do that XD

Sure! And add it to the group as well. ^.^

Hi, so I found the Blinkverse series of stories a couple days ago and read all of them and after the initial trauma wore off I wanted to write a sequel. So I was hoping it'd be okay with you (and also Foals Errand, since what I ended up writing is a sequel to Eye's Open) if I could post it.

I'll let you read it before then, of course, to give a stamp of approval, but I wished to ask regardless.

I'm glad you have enlightened me. I love you.

:facehoof: Because some skin needs to stretch more than others ... and as the skin meets the limits of its elasticity, it will wrinkle (rather than just stretch back to a smaller size) when it contracts.

Have you ever wondered why we have wrinkles in some places but not others? I do. Sometimes.

2472539 Awesome! My OCD is eternally thankful to you. I'm sure to take forever before publishing my stories now. :pinkiecrazy:

You have a checklist of grammatical things you verify before you publish a story. May I see it?

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