The Group That Was Never Meant to Be 16 members · 61 stories

This group was never meant to be created. Plain and simple. But, here we are. We're a group.

This is the home to all those who have no need for the other groups, or not.

This is the home to all those who want to find a group of friends who like stories, or not.

This is a home for people who were mildly curious about the group's stupid name and clicked on it to see if there was anything interesting only to discover that there wasn't and said 'Well, I'm bored,' or not.

This is my home, this is your home, or it isn't.

This group was never meant to be.

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Fair enough. Well, welcome, I guess. This is apparently a real group now. Now I have to actually think of stuff that this group is supposed to do... or not.


If you click on "Groups" to get to the group dashboard, you can see on the left side, new groups that have been opened. That's probably how most of the users found it, or not. :pinkiecrazy:

Not gonna lie. I have no idea how anyone found this group, or why they decided to join it. But, I'm pretty pleased with it. Welcome all nine of you newcomers. We now have a group.

This group is awesome, or not. :unsuresweetie:

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