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This group is dedicated to showcasing stories that show good grammar, construction, prose, and other ideals concurrent with values of good literature.


There are plenty of stories out there that showcase masterful works of literature, but do not receive enough views. This group isn't necessarily here just to give out views, but to also be an archive for works that are well constructed. My reasoning for making this group is that I really do enjoy analyzing and critiquing literature and I find myself to be one who likes classical writing styles more than others.

Submit your story to the submissions folder and someone will get around to reading it ASAP. If it shows any of the values expressed above, we will allow it to be stored in the archive in the appropriate folder.

If your story is not accepted at first, it may receive a second chance if it had a score of 30 or above. Simply edit it and resubmit it to the second chance folder.

If you would like a free review, post your story in the review folder. Things in the review folder will not be priority and will not be accepted into the archive unless they receive a rating of 90 or above. The good thing about the folder is that you are guaranteed a full review. Submit to this folder if you don't believe your story will make it pass the submission process and you want a review. Stories that do not make it past the submission process will receive only a short thread explaining the main reason why they were not accepted.

Some things that will never be accepted and should not be submitted:

-Until stories come in that I find completely unacceptable due to a generic theme, any type of story will at least be given a chance

Good Things to Know

Also, this group will hand out free reviews. Simply put your story in the review folder and it will receive a review eventually. Please remember that the submissions folder is priority and if your story is accepted it will receive a full, detailed review on the forum. If it's really good, it will be put in the True Works of Art folder and receive a luxurious pinned review in the forum.

The only reason to put your story in the review basket is if you don't believe it will make it into the archive. Stories that do not make it in will receive only a brief explanation as to why it did not make it in in the forum.

Please note that long stories (>8,000 words) may take a while to fully reveiw. They will be reviewed bit by bit, and if the first parts of it seem to be of value, they will be accepted on probation until they are fully read.

ALSO: Poetry is HIGHLY VALUED any poetry will be given highest priority and receive a detailed review whether or not it makes it into the archive. Why? Because I really enjoy poetry and would love to meat some fellow poets.

New Things:

How Stories are Graded

Stories will be graded on a 100 point scale with letter grades corresponding to that of a High School grade.

It is possible to make over 100. If you make over 125 your story is automatically accepted into the True Works of Art folder

If your work makes below a 50 it will not be accepted and the main reason for the poor grade will be posted in a thread.

Eventually, there will be folders denoting stories by letter grade.



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I'm a new member and I really want people to read my new story in a series that I'm planning to make so...count me in:pinkiehappy:!


I don't disagree that the submission based group is overused. I just thought my criteria were slightly different than other groups so I formed this one :scootangel:

351644 I think it means your idea for a group is starting to become overdone. But hell, there's no monopoly on it.


Come again? I'm not sure I understand what you mean.

This isn't the first, this won't be the last.

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