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I'm the creator of Otakuworld.com, Jenniverse.com, the computer game Boppin', numerous online comics, novels, and tons of other wonderful things. I really love MLP:FiM.

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I wanted to suggest a lovely book to you Chatoyance.

"A long way to a small angry planet" by Becky Chambers.
The audio book version is just dreamy.

The best way I have been able to describe it is..... If Firefly were a slice of life anime without the crime. Its truly... just... very good and calming.

I wanted to tell you about it because it kind of reminds me of your very detailed world building. It made me think of you ^_^


Ah, thanks. :)

(And red, not pink; my memory appears to have glitched a bit there.)

Are remedial breed transformations something ponies could already do, prior to the Bureaus, or are they an adaption of Potion technology?

A different breed... That sounds interesting, do you mean "Winged Unicorns" (Alicorns without the godhood), "Bat Ponies", Crystal Ponies, or something new?



In my stories, this is examined and explained. In a nutshell - once converted, potion is useless and has zero effect. A pony could drink an ocean of potion and nothing would happen - except they would feel bloated and probably vomit a lot because of being over-full.

The two types of potion are due to how the Ponfication Transformation Serum was developed, which is explained fully in Recombinant 63. The early, primitive red potion can only create mares, even if a male human were to take it, this is because it was based entirely on the TDNA (Equestrian equivalent of DNA) of the Mane Six, who are all female. The later, production grade purple potion identifies the genetics of the user and constructs their body according to that to define sex.

The Red potion that was initially made is sometimes used when Male-To-Female transsexual humans want to transition when they become newfoals. In 27 Ounces, we see the invention of a method to help Female-To-Male transmen which involves doctoring the purple serum.

The 'potion', as it is commonly called is made from the literal blood of Celestia combined with earth-developed nanotech machines the size of viruses. The nanotech was co-developed with native Equestrian unicorns who imbued the nanotechnology with an Equestrian thaumatic equivalent, essentially 'spells'. The final result is the transformation serum that ponifies humans into newfoals.

The nanotech machines recognize the cells and DNA of the creature that they come in contact with, they react only to human cells because that is what they were specifically programmed to do. There is a very small chance that a mistake could occur if the potion was given to a chimpanzee, which shares 98 percent of their DNA with humans... or would, if - by the time of the Bureaus - all great apes and primates other than Man were not already extinct from the earth.

If a pony wanted to be a different breed in Equestria, they could petition the princesses for remedial breed transformation. The waiting time is two to three weeks for an audience (over a month, once Ponyville grows into a megopolis some fifty years after the end of the earth), where the request will be dealt with. The princesses do not allow such change lightly, and there must be compelling reason for it, verified by medical, sociologist or psychologist ponies prior to the meeting.

I'm not sure what happens if a pony drinks Potion, but as I recall, there are no specific pony type potions in Chatoyance's Conversion Bureau world; the only two (working) Potion varieties I recall are the standard purple and a pink one that works the same way except for only producing female ponies (or at least female pony bodies; I'm not sure if it was ever mentioned what, if anything, it did with gender, or if experimentation with such was ever conducted in-universe).
That's not to say that a specific pony type Potion might not be possible, or one working on things other than humans, but they'd likely require their own development.

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