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If it helps, another possibility for the future, the one I think is most likely, is a long collapse of our current global, industrial civilization as it's crushed between accumulating pollution and exhausted natural resources. In that scenario, there won't be a Star Trek future or a dystopia-but-everyone's-fed-and-the-VR-is-great, but there won't be a dystopia-with-no-redeeming-features, either, or human extinction. The biosphere will recover, likely looking pretty different in some areas, but demonstrating the same resilience to us it's shown asteroid strikes and supervolcanoes in the past. When the rubble stops bouncing, the survivors, still with the same human nature, for good and ill, will build new societies with their own benefits, flaws, and stories. It'll be a long, long time before they can repeat our exact mistakes, though; the natural resources simply won't be there, and the first generation, at least, closest to all the messes we leave behind, can be expected to be very opposed to do the same thing again even if they could.
It's not an ideal future, probably, and depending on your point of view, may not even count as good... but it's a lot better than numerous other possibilities.

...I've really misjudged you and your ideas, that much is evident to me now. I was so convinced that you were a pessimistic old woman that needed to be helped that I blinded myself to the truth. I'm sorry Chatty for all the grief I've caused you.

In any case I agree I hope your wrong too. Especially since it seems that as I get older the more the rulers of the world and corporations remind me more and more of the Ferengi from Star Trek seemingly consumed by endless greed, an insatiable lust for power, and hubris. Our world is ruled by honorless and morally bankrupt individuals. Still you never know projections can be wrong and fate sometimes throws humanity for a loop. The future isn't definite until its here and I guess we'll all just have to wait and see.

Anyway thanks Chatty for letting me get this off my chest. I've needed to do this for a long time.

I wish you only all good things, Tristem. Always.

I truly hope I am full of bullshit on so many issues. I desire to be proven wrong: I would love it if somehow, mankind wakes up and gives up bigotry, and greed, and social domination, and violence, and... well, starts building a 'Star Trek' future. I want to be wrong in my extrapolations. I want things to not just me 'right now, only even more of the same'.

And, you know, that might happen, in some form, to some degree.

But if it doesn't, or if it does, remember that your life belongs to you... and that whatever happens in this world, you have the right to survive, to thrive, and to be as happy as you can be... under whatever circumstances. That never changes.

I would offer - hope for the best, certainly. But, where possible, prepare for the worst. Just in case.

But... there will always be fun. That I have learned in my 58 years of life. There is always fun to be had... even if you have to manufacture it yourself (which, by the way, is a hella useful skill to have right there!)

It is not cowardice to be afraid of a real possibility of scary or unpleasant things. That is just being sensible. Bravery is standing tall and doing what is right even so. I'm scared all the time, if that helps. Actually, I think everybody is. I suspect that is the human condition right there.

Life... is kind of a prison. The first duty of every prisoner is to escape. That is why I love science fiction, games, toys, and playing and having fun like a kid, even at nearly sixty. I will always be a child inside. I will always play and feel wonder and be amazed. No matter what happens to the world.

It is difficult for me to write a response to this, because I know what you say is true, I always did. I just couldn't admit to myself that the myriad of challenges and problems humanity currently faces could lead to our extinction and the scenario you described. It is so much easier to denounce you and dismiss you as a crackpot. To keep ones head down and mouth shut and simply ignore the problems. Especially when they're so big and massive. I always knew the future you wrote of was a very real possibility, but it was easier to simply ignore it (along with every other nightmare scenario).

I guess the only thing I can say is sorry. Sorry for being a coward and attacking your ideas.


If you want to know the real reason I keep half haphazardly attacking your ideas all these years is because your ideas scared me years ago and ever since then I've felt the need to try and disprove your ideas in order to dispel the sense of dread they give me.

The world is scary. And it is scary that those in power almost always seem to be the greediest and the most psychopathic. I hear you. I do. And I can understand: I suffer from anxiety disorder, and I have had a... shall we say... interesting life? I've come face-to-face with the real things that are the basis of my... 'ideas'. So, I get it.

The purpose of my stories is not to frighten. They exist to offer hope. Not in some miracle savior from beyond space and time - that isn't going to happen. But consider what happens other than that in my stories - ordinary people help each other. Favela folk, the poorest of the poor, form communities where they help each other and work for the common good - even before the ponies come. In my stories even the wealthiest eventually start helping keep people alive, before the ponies come, because even they are not entirely devoid of conscience.

My projected future, based on current events taken to their logical conclusion is less happy than some places now - but actually happier than most of the world right now. Most people starve to death, right now. In my future nobody starves anymore. Nobody. I really think there are technological revolutions that will cure hunger and most disease... even for the poor. And, there will be better entertainment, too. Maybe not holokiosks... probably something more like the Oasis from Ready Player One. But the future, even if a little grimmer, will also have some fun, too.

And, above all else, my stories offer that when the chips really fall down, people will band together and form community. Community closer and less lonely than we have right now. Remember how, in my stories, the favela folk all seem closer than a lot of people are in our time? They depend on each other, so people are less lonely.

Even in a less wealthy future, even in an ecologically destroyed future, there is still hope. And that is demonstrated in every single one of my stories.

I am not trying to frighten: I am trying to show what could be, what probably will be, if nothing changes. And that future is grim, yes, but it is also a future where humanity finds common ground, where all warfare stops, and where every human being has food and water both.

Seventy percent of the planet would see that as a serious improvement.

Perhaps looking at things that way might help.

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