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Hello there!
My name is Chaotic Note, and I welcome you to our little group:

It's a bit roomy, and we're always accepting of new members!
What's this group's purpose you may ask?
To form the largest collection of video game and cyber world fan fictions on!

Let me break it down for you:

Video Game fan fictions are what you expect. The story is usually about ponies playing video games, or one surrounding the idea of video games. Simple enough. Some though goes as far as to including an aspect of virtual reality simulation into the plotline, making it very unique. That's what the Video Games folder is for. A good example of a video game fan fic would be Twilight Sparkle: Grand Galloping Gamer or Friendship is Optimal.

The Cyberworld stories are a little more complex to understand, but it's not too difficult to gather its basic concept. Basically, cyberworld fan fictions have settings in an alternate reality formed by computers. Some Video Game fan fics fall under this category, but it ultimately doesn't. A good example would be Directive Grow.

And as for the Video Game Crossovers folder, it's basically for video game crossovers. It speaks for itself.

Members are also encouraged to write fan fics of their own for the group!

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This group sounds awesome!

I don't have a story to add but this group sounds fun I'll join.:pinkiehappy:

Why Hello my fellow gamers welcome *Sips tea*
Our society is top notch

*adjusts Dapper Top-hat* It is ever so smashing that you have joined us.

*equips Monocle* now to sort out the noobs from the pros, Smashing.

-Pulls up Leader Boards-
Chaotic Note - 220 Points
Remare Shadows - 200 points
Major Petrov - 180 Points
Batran - 175 Points

Ugh,needs some more grinding

What a remarkable group. I simply must join!

i have a story and i just joined!

OH MY GOSH I HAVE AN AWESOME STORY IDEA:rainbowderp: See you in 2 weeks!:rainbowkiss:

Meh, I guess I'll join. :applejackunsure:

Yes! I am so in:pinkiecrazy::heart:

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