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'Magic of Wonder and Ruin'

This group is for stories that focus around magic or have magic being used in them frequently. The type, strength, or purpose of the magic can vary. (In general this group is for stories where magic is used in interesting ways.)

Use to be named “Magic Gone Wrong” and was only for stories where magic was the problem. Was changed on 2/10/2019.

Rules for Submissions: (Subject to Change)
Stories submitted must have magic be the main focus.
This does not include stories where -
- Magic is only mentioned/talked about and never performed
- The main magic used is the type casually used by everyone in the show (Such as unicorn telekinesis or pegasus flight)
- The magic is only used for part of the story but ultimately had no affect on the outcome

[Currently under construction and maintenance.]

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I have been searching for a group like this for quite a while. Glad to have finally tracked it down.

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