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I gotta say, you take time and dedication in looking for the fanfics with audio readings! Then putting 'em into the audio reading group thingy, gah dang! Dedication! I applaud you for that! :3 Of course, you do well in many other things too! Just for clarification! lol. In short, YOU'RE AWESOME SAUCE!

any good adio book that you like???

Don’t worry about the deleted comments they have nothing to do with you personally. I just got reminded about those comments when you commented.
Also if you want to know what stories I liked there is a section in my library for my favorites.

Um.... is everything alright? Noticed that your comments were deleted around the same time as you were online. If it’s personal and I’m being stupid for asking, then forget I said anything. Just wanted to know if you had any favorite fimfiction stories that you read, since you’ve been at this website more then me.

  • Viewing 21 - 25 of 25
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