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    Why Is Hope In Rainbow Getting Less Attention?

    I just finished the final chapter of Hope Hollow and it's going to be published tomorrow. But what I don't understand is why it's not getting any attention. It's a shipping fanfic with one of the best shippings when it comes to background characters while also being a Rainbow Roadtrip story. I just don't get it. Can someone give me an explanation about this? There's a reason why I finished this chapter story inside of cancelling it like my other chapter stories.

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Thanks for the follow :twilightsmile:

Glad you liked it. :pinkiesmile: You too.

I saw you in some blog and I liked your profile.

Thanks for the follow!
Where did you hear about me, if you don't mind me asking?

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Add more inspiration to youre next project

Uhh...what does 'Watching you' means?

keep up the great work on your YouTube channel man

Thank you for watching me! It means a lot that folk are interested in my work so far.

Thanks for the follow. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 225 - 234 of 234
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