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Thanks for the follow! :twilightsmile:

Oops, I forgot to say this in my comment:
Thanks for the follow!

I need help on link Hybrid with Primal Zerg so please help

So, I got an interesting notification yesterday:

ūüĎĀLonely Fanboy48 is watching you.

My first reaction?

After some clicking, I learned that you're just following me. Cool beans. After seeing that you follow over 1,300 other people, I gotta ask: Do you follow everyone who comments on one of your stories? No offense, I'm just curious.
I'd follow more people, but I don't want to be buried alive under a mountain of notifications.

Thanks for watching!

Nice to meet you, Hunter

My name is Wrex. What's your?

Sorry, I'm not much of an editor.

thanks for the follow! btw can you help me with my stories if possible?

thanks for the follow.

Thanks for the follow my dude.

  • Viewing 287 - 301 of 301
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