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Still, I think it's a cool lil pic. It made me smile.

Thanks Buck, but all the credit goes Uotapo, i just added a couple of filters. :twilightblush:

Yo, just here to compliment you on the awesome profile pic. I think it's nice.

Heya, felt like coming here to let you know I published a new chapter in the story you liked: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/482420/less-traditional-ways :pinkiesmile:

thanks for the invitation!

Honestly? I'm being my own worst pain in the arse.

I have the bones of the story, now I have to flesh it out in a way that doesn't seem forced (I want it to go a certain way in some parts, but it has to feel as though it makes "sense").

So how goes the story? :twilightsmile:

A-Awesome! :rainbowdetermined2: I'm sure it'll be just fine. Don't cha' worry, Advent.

I'll drop a follow so I'll be notified. :pinkiehappy:

thought about it plenty of times, not sure how, give me a few days and i'll see what kind of mess i can write up. got nothing to lose (lost my dignity ages ago) so why not? just expect something really bad and i apologise in advance.

So, um....you ever think of writing a comedy or random story? :moustache:

Im not going to lie. I don't usually read stories like these as dark and negative stories remind me too much of reality and only make me feel worse, but there is something about Verik that reminds me of protagonist from a series I grew up with. Stoic but kind, understanding yet ferocious, actively defying the evils of the world one step at a time where he can. Chaotic good is always an interesting mix.

Im looking forward to the world you create.

I hope you continue to enjoy reading Zebrican Warlord!

Do you want to know what the answer is?

I kept coming back to it on and off, I rather enjoy mysteries. But it think this one has stumped me.

Well you’ve had a lot of time to try to figure it out... XD

Still cant figure that one out.:derpytongue2:

  • Viewing 57 - 76 of 76
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