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Bolos: Giant, self-aware tanks created by humanity to serve as its greatest defenders.
Ponies: A term that refers to a race of sentient, magic-using quadrapeds, which live in a place called Equestria.

When two different realities meet, the universe becomes a far more interesting place.

Welcome to Bolo, the group dedicated to telling stories about Bolos and Equestria! We are an open group; anyone may join and post stories. Here are the rules:

1) No NSFW stories/content.
2) No hateful comments or stories directed at real people and/or users.

Other than that, it's open territory. Have fun!

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So, in the hypothetical situation I was to try my hand at writing a Sunset Shimmer goes through portal and winds up the Concordiat, how would I start it?

Because the damn plot bunny is getting really impatient

chuckle I just write a lot of 'em, don't I? I kinda wish I was better at finishing them...
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