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Just wanted to say thank you to all my wonderful Patreon supporters:

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I always knew trucking was hard. · 10:12pm May 22nd

I always knew this industry is not the one I was made for, too. So, why am I a trucker? Why have I been one for... what is it, three years now? No, three and a half.

It's because the trucking industry is the only one that'll hire. So why won't anyone else hire?

That's obvious. My resume sucks.

I have skills. I'm good at a lot of things. But those skills don't come from school or work.

And those skills most certainly do not include resume writing.

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hello, again..
Sorry, I appear to have fallen off of the face of the Earth
though I have not yet left this plane of ecxistence..

That's good. And sorry about how late this reply is, but while I love all of your Gate iterations as well, The Boy who Disappeared is by far my favorite of your stories.

Yes, I am currently planning for The Boy Who Disappeared to continue on its own. I’m sorry it’s been updating so slowly- it’s mostly writer’s block.

This may sound silly, but with Hailey getting an appearance in accidental invasion I want to ask, I know you had to reboot Implications, but is The Boy who Disappeared going to continue as well, or are you just merging that in as part of the reboot?

Thanks for the follow :D, I enjoyed your stories

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