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from The First Equestrian Starliner to The Equestrian Starliner · 4:36am November 16th

TThe First Equestrian Starliner
Twilight has developed an insatiable hunger for new information, and not just that which can be found in her library. Thus, she is overjoyed when her hunger is sated by a computer glitch.
computerneek · 31k words  ·  17  3 · 210 views
TThe Equestrian Starliner
It's a spaceship, and it's floating in orbit. That's about all they know, and now they're sending people aboard.
computerneek · 16k words · 99 views

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Hey, thanks for the interest! Don't forget to rate and tell me what you thought.

Yes... I'm very well aware of what SoL is... Unfortunately, the part I fail at is making the SoL segment A) Long enough to count to three, B) Interesting enough not to put people (and ponies) to sleep (Idea, hmm...), and C) In the right spots inside larger stories.
Especially when I want to start out a potential thriller with a good few chapters of SoL (worldbuilding, characterbuilding, etc), at least after the initial appearance scenes (usually related to a Bolo meeting ponies...), rather than having the Big Baddie show up right away.

This problem screams from the hills in all directions for me... *removes half-page of text* I'll make a blog post on that in a minute. The total comes up to 7 of 10 incomplete but published stories suspended for SoL-related reasons... nevermind the 3 completely unpublished stories also blocked on SoL.

So the difficulty is, of course, writing SoL. Probably doesn't help that I and my family suspect I'm slightly autistic... So, not so good at communicating, but potentially stronger just about anywhere else. Like programming, I'm a natural with that.
Pretty sure SoL- and a lot of other parts of writing- fall under 'communicating'.

So... Sorry about my rambling, I'm just... struggling.
Family/work/money/college/life issues don't exactly help :fluttercry: but writing does help with them.

Oh- and I think my original intent might have been missed, thanks to my cryptic formatting: I was actually wondering about the possibility of a collaboration work.

Ooh, I should really write a blog post about writing SoL, shouldn't I?

The biggest thing to remember is that SoL is just basically 'a day in the life of' stuff. No epic adventures, throwing the ring into Mt. Doom, etc. Just your basic kinda boring stuff.

Like, think about something vaguely interesting you did over the last week. Now imagine that you're telling one of your buddies in the bar or lunchroom or whatever about it. That's your basic SoL story right there.

Though, I have to ask, O King of SoL...

My problem is, I suck at Slice-of-Life... and general story planning as well. Nevermind the absent training/experience as a writer.
Any chance...?

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