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Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.


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    • One Soldier's Twilight One soldier's journey back home and discovery of a friend by Dr.Shisno 56,236 words · 11,693 views · 1,130 likes · 57 dislikes
    • When the Man Comes Around As Ponyville prepares for arriving royal marshals, a new traveler quietly slips into town. by GentlemanJ 22,211 words · 26,440 views · 1,523 likes · 49 dislikes
    • The Princess and I I'm just a normal guy living my life... but the past year or so hasn't been to kind to me... then my life changed the day she (literally) ran into me. by Flanagan 81,083 words · 16,652 views · 1,464 likes · 60 dislikes
    • A Night with Lyra After a wild night of binge drinking at a party, you wake up in bed with Lyra Heartstrings. Wacky hijinks ensue! by TonicPlotter 1,830 words · 5,927 views · 327 likes · 14 dislikes
    • 1000 Virgin Mares, 1 Frickin' Badass Dark Overdude, Infinite Facehoofing Nightmare Moon banished Celestia, only to be defeated by Ahuizotl. Ponykind were made the scapegoats to blame for her scourge. 1000 years they pray for a saviour to deliver them. Anypony will do. Enter the last hope, a pizza delivery dude. by Pen Mightier 118,354 words · 15,032 views · 1,488 likes · 69 dislikes


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    why does it say there is 5 stories but only 4 show up? also No longer alone... still a thing?

    Thanks for the fave on EICY! It'll update. Eventually. But it will, I promise!

    Thank you for adding Friendly Fire and To Love a King to your library! I'm happy you liked them. :twilightsmile:

    Many thanks for the fav! I'm surprised and pleased that you liked it!

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    Also Soon! Print Run Update · 1:29am August 2nd

    Pre-Script: I discovered more problems while packing the books. It's unbelievable! Anyway.. if you ordered a print, I will still get a book to you, but I've refunded the payments. I refuse to take money from people when the printers cannot give me 100% confidence in the prints they deliver.

    Hey kids, Wing here.

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