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Captain Magic Barrier is far from home. Almost everything he once held dear is gone—except for a pair of alicorns, the country for which he fought, and his skills as a competent military officer. And it’s all thanks to a certain legend regarding the longest day on the thousandth year.

Professor Tail has got something to prove. A sharp mind and a quick wit in the world of academia, this pegasus is harboring a state secret that could change Equestria’s defenses forever. She just needs to survive basic training first.

Now, a common ally has played her royal hoof to bring these two together. Perhaps she knows that once training is all said and done, the physicist caught in the unfamiliar world of guard service and the captain dragged through the ages will find themselves a bit less displaced.

So, this was a super fun one to write. Well, sorta-write. In truth, I wrote very little. This story is a collaborative effort between myself and this sexy topless Wingly fellow here, and it is based quite heavily off of our characters and their intertwined stories. The amount of work he put into this is staggering, and words can not express how bloody impressive it is/was. I mean, I was there supervising, but he bloody brought it.

Cover art by the amazing dream--chan!
We have a bunch of folks who helped Wing edit that deserve thanks. These are our editors, proofreaders, and coffee slaves!
Editing Slave Word Worthy, Coffee Slave Iryerris, rebellious slave that has to be beaten into submission regularly Doccular, to Shady's Slave Floofy, because typos can suck a knob, and to the Overcute Pet, Sixkiller5, because print runs need typo slaying.

Special thanks to Discount Slave Alticron, for letting us use a certain earth pony we want to crucify.

Wing's magical comments about various story timelines can be found here, but the gist is that NLD and its coming sequels exist in a separate continuity from APD.

Lastly, if you find any typos, please PM them to Wing You should also totally follow him too.

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Who can say no to sassy science... and pancakes? No one, that's who.

7898706 Very true, Posted. Very true! :3

I've never been so sad of being in the middle of another story. Thus, no being able to read this one.

Oh, well. Into the read it later bookshelf!!

7898804 It will be here when you're ready. :3

Sober and I already finished with the writing. The buffer will be waiting for you. :)

7898849 \o/ Yay, Pen Dragon made it. :3

7898854 Yep XD anyways I'm looking forward to how this story turns out. Even if you wrote most of it like Sober said:rainbowlaugh:

7898872 He's a very humble person. :P It's probably fair to say that my fingers moved more than his. However, Sober is incredibly good at writing a couple hundred words that lure me into writing a thousand. We just work well together. :3

7898883 Well you two seem to work well together :raritywink: Anyways once you guys finish this, maybe you two could join me in a little project that I've been working on? :3

7898890 Can't really speak for Sober, but if you ever want to grab my input on anything, you're more than welcome to ask. :3

Is this a third version of the same story? I see a romance tag so is this Tail the new love interest, or is this a continuation of one of the other two stories?

7898892 Cool thanks I'll ask again once you finish this story :3

7898899 Well, it's already written, so asking me things whenevs isn't a problem. :P

7899254 Been a long time comin', right?

I can say this is starting out as a strong story.
do not take it wrong but as I do with all story I read I hole my vote for a few chapters to see just how that grow and develop.

7899311 Sounds fair to me. :) Thanks for joining us.

So much yessssssss. I'm so glad this is finally published! As way of saying thanks for getting this story written, have a reading!

7899492 Oh my goodness, Neon. Yay for recording action. Thank you. :)

Hmm, I found this chapter rather ... shallow and pedantic.


Comment posted by ZME_Matchstick deleted Jan 27th, 2017

7899263 for reals! it was fun seeing this all come together and TBH you worked way hard on this thing.

7899661 :3 Well, I'll just stop making the meatloaf then. ;)

7899664 A more fitting video has never been linked.

7899707 :3 Thanks, Match.

Thought it was going to be a reversed Displaced story based on the title where the protagonist gets sent back to their normal life as mysteriously as they were sent to Equestria and have to adjust to being an average schmuck again.

7899813 Hehe, that would have been interesting premise. Though in this case, the displaced comes as an homage to Sober's other stories. :3

Bucking yes! So much yes!

I love the showdown at the start. Barrier and Luna have a real spark. Can't wait to see what's up with the walking lime earth pony. Promises to be an interesting read!

7908894 Glad you liked the start, TAM!

Slipping in a less-than-top-secret comment. Next week, we'll have two chapters: a midweek montage on Tuesday followed by CH4 at the standard Thursday time. ;)

Was kind of hoping for a sequeal to Displaced another path. I liked that one.

7916704 Sorry Admiral, one of my characters stole him. :P Though... you'll get your wish eventually. Knows things. Anyway, I hope you stick around and enjoy the show. :3

7916699 ♫Gonna need a montage... ♫

Sadly, Neon hasn't died of betes yet, but we're getting there.


And here is this chapter's reading!

7919212 nuff said. Also, your reading? Insta-chub. Well done sir.

7919336 I know, right? Neon's recordings, ftw.

this is starting to shape up as a vary good stand alone story I am liking it more.

Trying to figure out which story this is sequel to at the moment


I love the journal sequences!! XD

7930298 It's an entirely stand-alone story.

Her heart thumped, producing a throbbing sensation in her head, and the ache of acid-drenched muscle radiated throughout her limbs.

Bit o' biology lesson! When you work out, the reasons your muscles start to hurt is because they aren't getting enough oxygen. This begins the fermentation process, and when human cells ferment the produce lactic acid, which burns.

You know, Bonecrusher seems like less of a Royal Guard and more like a Guard Dog... a Rabid one that needs to be put down.

7935472 :rofl: Oh, that one made me chuckle. Now people in the Subway are confused by my laughter. Thank you.

I tend to agree with OminousBrony. Never been in the military but I know enough to know grunts aren't old everything by a long shot. Definatly know its not the trainees place to decide who gets the spot. Bonecrusher is the stereotypical grunt at the moment all muscle and no brain

7935587 Sober was at my house for a couple chapter chunks on this. There were quite a few moments when we looked at each other and emphatically stated, "Gods, Bonecrusher is such a [insert expletive of choice here]."

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