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Doctor of particle physics who enjoys the technicolor cathorses. :P Co-wrote No Longer Displaced and No Longer Alone with Sober.

No Longer: A Barrier's Tail

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About Wing!

Hello! Welcome to the Weird World of Wing

By day - and sometimes by night if things break - I am a doctor of physics studying wonderful particles known as neutrinos and muons. Thankfully, there is more to life than work, and through the efforts of several close friends, I have come to be a fan of the colored cathorses. ;)

Writing has also held a significant place in my life. I love the interaction it brings with others, and when reflecting on it, I find that I enjoy my collaborative projects more than anything else ( see No Longer Displaced).

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you find whatever writing I share somewhat entertaining.

Latest Stories

  • EFinding Ponytown
    Princess Twilight and a student reflect and rediscover the magic of town.aggie.io
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  • TA Shadow of Resolve
    After the battle in Manehattan, we bathed in the light. We soaked up the tranquility, believing that our jobs as Bolts were bound to get easier. But the shadows don't go away. They just wait until you're ready to play again. The night will last...
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  • TA State of Darkness
    An ongoing tale of original characters set in an Equestria with secret branches of the well-known guard corps, A State of Darkness revolves around the Wonderbolt DarkOps unit as it protects Equestria from threats both foreign and domestic.
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A mix of Back to the Future, my parents having ties to a different scientific discipline, and neutrinos being fucking psychotic rule breakers. :P

What made you go into particle physics?

It happens.

Weird.. I didn't even get a notice of this message. :\ But yes, those are the ones.

No Longer Displaced and No Longer Alone? I'd had them both on my read later for a bit, and was thinking of digging into 'em between my own attempts at writing these days.

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