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  • EA Fey Evening
    It's Nightmare Night in the strange village hidden deep within the heart of the Neighagara Forest. Tonight, all the changelings and ponies of Respite will laugh and play and dance the night away.
    Carapace · 4.1k words  ·  134  13 · 1.8k views
  • EThe Sweetest Treat
    Of the four great hives, the Enchanters are held as the most powerful in their ability to charm and wrap ponies around their hooves, coaxing them to walk into their web. But sometimes, sometimes, a pony does manage to turn the tables.
    Carapace · 11k words  ·  235  11 · 2.3k views
  • EFrom the Hearth
    A special day for two races brings about a flurry of questions from Respite's newest filly before the village gathers to decorate the Hearth's Warming tree and dance the night away.
    Carapace · 5k words  ·  157  4 · 1.8k views
  • ESharers' Day
    There is a day those mischievous, playful changelings of Respite hold most important of all. The day Queen Serenitatem set aside to give thanks to the ponies who shared love, and one where love between races so often thrives.
    Carapace · 22k words  ·  212  3 · 1.9k views
  • TOut of Love
    That little filly from Cloudsdale has blossomed into a true mare of Respite with the help of those not-quite altruistic twins. But outside the village gates, the world is changing fast.
    Carapace · 90k words  ·  273  12 · 2.3k views

There is a hidden village deep within the untamed forest surrounding Neighagara Falls. Should one ever journey to this village, those who live there will welcome them for a simple price: love.

When the village accepts a new family from Cloudsdale, a not-quite-altruistic pair of changeling siblings offer a young filly friendship and a chance to find her place in the strange village she hopes to call home.

New cover art done by Arcticwaters.

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*plugs ears as the combined screeching of Cynewulf and Crystal Wishes shatters glass*

Very excited that this is finally live! :pinkiehappy:




I loved this as a prereader, and I love it all over again as a regular reader. :heart: Moooore!

7144516 Can't hear you! I've been deafened!

7144529 Thanks for giving it a look! Glad you enjoyed it!

And thanks to both of you for your support/nagging/emotional blackmailing!

Oh god, it's alive.

7144602 It is. And look, not one mention of your favorite changeling.

7144609 -insert sarcastic comment-

I comment upon your story..... WITHOUT READING! >8D

I'm sure it's lovely though. <3

7144612 -insert threat of cute changelings assault-

7144620 YOU MONSTER!

This looks to be a good story already.

7144630 -insert punting said changeling into stratosphere-

Oh my snaps goodness! Crystal's hype was real and worth it. :3 In particular, I really dig the backstory -- along with the associated world -- that is getting built in this one. It stands out to me, yet still has that flavor that makes me know I'm drinking a ZOMG beverage.

into the warm sunlight.

So, it doesn't actually show up here, but there's a massive stretch of underlined blank space after the end of the sentence. I feel like that's a leftover placeholder for the horizontal break, which was actually implemented beneath that paragraph.

the rolling green treetops near Neighagra Fall.

Pretty sure it's meant to be plural, judging by the story description.

Also, I am hooked and hyped to all hell.

7144727 Fixed both. Not sure why the underline thing remained. I'll fix it in gdocs going forward. Thanks!

7144732 You're welcome.

Also, how many hours do I have until it's your birthday in your time zone?

7144741 About five hours. I'm GMT -5.

Replies all around!
7144632 Hopefully so! I've been working on this one for quite some time now and I've had some fun with it, hope you do too!

7144636 I said changelings.


It stands out to me, yet still has that flavor that makes me know I'm drinking a ZOMG beverage.

Flat and lacking taste?

Jk, glad you think so!

7144863 If it were flat and lacking good taste, then I probably wouldn't drink it.

This has a lot of interesting stuff going for it. I already mentioned the backstory, but your writing style is just natural for good storytelling. It bolsters the universe building even more.

Why does the Pegasus in the picture look like Starlight Glimmer?

7144932 Does she? I think Starlight's coat is more pink, Sure Stroke's is violet. Meh, coincidence.

I did notice one place that seemed to have been incompletely updated; I'm guessing it used to be "Mr. Warm Welcome" or something:

“You must be Warm Welcome! Merryweather told us that you’d meet us here when we arrived.”
“Just Warm Welcome will do. Or Warm, I’m not too picky! I do hope your trip wasn’t too tiring!”

Otherwise, really looking forward to seeing where this goes – worldbuilding is one of my favorite parts of a story, and you've already gotten some wonderful details in and smoothly integrated. Besides, I like changelings. Not wanting spoilers, but is the AU tag just because they're not hiding? The description of the Frozen North makes it sound like the Crystal Empire hasn't returned yet. Either way (and I don't actually know which I'd prefer), the world feels very promising.

By the way, I love the note about small-town ponies being more open to hugging and nuzzling. There's a certain small town that certainly fits that description. :rainbowwild:

EDIT: Does AU actually attract the drive-by downvoters as well? I can't see any other reason for that red bar up there, but I would have thought that the tag was generally innocuous enough.

7145030 Corrected, thanks.

As for your question, I can try and answer it without spoiling too much. For starters, you are correct, the Empire has not returned yet. Nor has Nightmare Moon, for that matter. But to the point on them not hiding ...

Well, they are and they aren't. Hawkeye's transformation wasn't changeling to pony and back again. It was from pony form to changeling.

Sorry for the vagueness, but spoilers and all.

7145050 Ooh, that sounds like things are going to be fun! And yeah, didn't see anything that incontrovertibly screamed AU so far and I wanted to make sure it wasn't just "Canterlot Wedding is going to be a lot less mysterious to ponies" before I started trying to figure out what the twist is going to be.

7145078 Oh, no, don't worry about that! It's AU in a different way. :twilightsmile:

So it does live, whoo hoo!

And no sigh of him anywhere, good.

I love this story already and it's only the first chapter! I need to know what's your secret.
You sir have just gotten a fav.
Can't wait for next chapter and I'll read ya later-BFBL

7145362 Yes it is!

And don't tempt me.

7145454 Mostly hypnosis of some form.

Glad you like it!


If he won't tempt you, then I will.

Oooooooh, Cuddles~

Not sure what the downvotes are for- there's nothing really egregious in this opening chapter to warrant them. I'm certainly interested in seeing more at least. (Chapters that is, not downvotes. :derpytongue2:)

7145850 You... d*ck! :twilightangry2:

7145788 *prepares a rolled up newspaper for changeling swattin'*

7145906 People have opinions and are free to voice them in whatever way they choose. If they don't care to comment, then I can only assume they just didn't like the concept and chose to let me know in that manner. /shrug

7145850 Dammit, Tim!

7145910 Methinks you're gonna need a bigger newspaper.

not bad is chrissy going to make an aperins
i will geve you a fav for know hope for more

love changelinggod 45~

This is a pretty cool story, with a solid start and an interesting idea.
I like it, but it makes me a little disappointed in myself, as I was planning a incredibly similar story for my story universe. The only difference would've been the story focussing on Chrysalis as a reformation story.
Oh well, early bird gets the worm I guess, and I'll looking for to reading this story more. :twilightsmile:

Poor filly. I'm guessing they aren't used to being objects of fear. Tho Stroke might be more afraid of just being in a new place.

Love-drunk. Obviously it's what we would refer to as "being in love" or romantic attachment. But is that expression a neutral one? It's hard to know.

As always, delightful. Look forward to more.

7146153 Spoilers~

7146158 Thanks! Glad you thought so! Next chapter is going up shortly!

7146299 Oy, don't be like that! I'm glad you like the setup, but it sounds like you have an entirely different idea. Write it if you like it, don't let me stop you just because I had something with a vaguely similar base premise. We're both covering entirely different messages, there is definitely room for that if you're willing to go through with it!

7146571 Mmm, bit of a spoiler that will be addressed soon on the first bit of your comment. Keep those points in mind.

To answer, I would have to ask what you mean by "neutral"? But yes, you are correct. That is how changelings refer to being "lovestruck".

More comes in ... five minutes!

7147120 It seems that being "lovedrunk" is perfectly fine, but my first reaction was to wonder if there wasn't a layer of scorn buried underneath because I tend to relate the word "drunk" to ideas of not being able to control oneself. I'm probably overthinking, as Esalen and her obviously less cute brother didn't seem to think anything was un-kosher about it. Just a fleeting idea of a Changeling getting sort of complacent and fat off of an easy source was the only idea I had, it was more just idle speculation.

Comment posted by Carapace deleted Apr 21st, 2016

7147136 You aren't entirely wrong, but no, it wasn't meant to be said with scorn. It was more of the "Teehee! Essy's got a cruuuuuush! Essy's got a cruuuuuuush!" sort of thing. There is a degree of truth to your idea about an easy source of food though.

I like Queen Euphoria

I must know more.

I must, in fact, know EVERYTHING.

I love this. We're getting more lore building and the character set is expanding already. :3 Muwhahaha

this is a great start looking forward to the back story on the founding of Respite and you write your changelings

This is a great story so far. I think it would be awesome to have a story like this in the show also. Not all changelings can be as bad as the ones at the royal wedding. Look at the one that went to cranky and Matilda's wedding. He/she didn't cause any problems whatsoever.

7147493 Aye aye!

7147495 Heh, glad to hear it. Sure Stroke has to go through a bit before she's ready to learn everything though.

7147529 I would agree, but I'm not complaining about the leeway this gives me to write my fic ^^

I love this so much. Did I say that already?
Well anyway this is turning out so well so far. I can't imagine the amount of time and care you put into this magnificent story. You have done a good... no excellent job with this story so far and I get the felling this is going to be a story that gets featured at lest for a little while every time it gets an update. Which in and of it's self is an accomplishment.
Well I'll read you later-BFBL

They’d walked passed several couples


Esalen snuck a peak at her Queen


Also, waiting for Sure Stroke to get enough backbone to say something speciesist.

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