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With Princess Cadence and Prince-Captain Shining Armor out on a date together, Thorax is charged with caring for their darling filly. Which means tonight is the perfect time for important things like pouncing lessons, complete with live guards to surprise!

Preread by Timaeus
Artwork by Inuhoshi-to-Darkpen
YouTube Reading by Lotus Moon.

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This is insanely fluffy-cute.

I stand by my comment while prereading. Sure Stroke and Thorax should swap notes on the benefits of percussive therapy vs. fang therapy. I'm sure it will only end well for Aspire.

Different stories and universes I know but let me have this okay.

I enjoyed taking a break from all the dark and scary fanfics I am in to nowadays to read something sweet and caring. I love the story!!!

Thorax is an awesome babysitter.

I can see why this isn't a Dear Small Pony Book entry. If mentioning the Enchanters (at least I think that's them) got a talking about Shining woulda really had something to say about the child-replacing practices!

Exactly as adorably fluffy and sweet as expected. I love it.

I'm not sure what was fluffier, Flurry's pillow or the story itself. Bravo, I say, you magnificent changeling you.

I could not stop smiling while reading this.

With Prince Cadence and Prince-Captain Shining Armor out on a date together, Thorax is charged with caring for their darling filly.

So Cadence is a male now? Lol

With Prince Cadence and Prince-Captain Shining Armor out on a date together

When I read the description, I was kinda giddy that this would be a bit rule 63, but it turned out to be a typo. Ah, oh well :derpytongue2: Not that it would have much bearing on the story, seeing as it was mostly about Thorax and Flurry.

This was a cute story. Haven't read one in a long time. Been mostly reading horror and more serious fare. Looks like I still definitely enjoy that cute side of pony fanfic.

You just know that sooner or later some noble's wandering pet is going to suffer a traumatic changeling-related experience.

8087549 I think Sure Stroke just might come out more confused in that scenario, tbh.

8087569 Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

8087596 He is the very best. No one will disturb his overlady's rest, or they will be corrected. With his fangs.

8087779 Well, as Timaeus said, this, DSPB, and The Village Called Respite aren't connected. The reference there was to the old tales of the fae, in which changelings were little fae who would take the place of mortal children (after being put there by their mother) and feed upon the family's love. The only ways to get rid of them were to realize that they weren't the real child and say it aloud, beat them until they cried loud enough that their real mother came to rescue them, or bring the real child back. So ... yeah ^^;

8087857 Yay!

8087994 Why thank you, cat with a saiyan scouter looking thing. Much appreciated!

8088049 Ugh. I've been having stupid typo issues for about a week now. Usually they don't get into the story descriptions, but goddamn XD.

8088057 Thorax would like to make it perfectly clear: he has no idea where Opalescence went, and he feels very offended that Rarity keeps glaring at him. Just because there are bits of white fluffy fur stuck in his teeth and upon his tongue does not mean he is to blame. Maybe he had a fight with a bag of cotton swabs.

Too adorable. I love seeing the Thorax/Flurry interactions.

But accidental magic still stung, and I had no intention to become one with the wall again.

Well, yes, being turned into a piece of wall and having to wait for Sunburst to figure out what spell Cadence and Shining need to cast could be annoying.

The only ways to get rid of them were to realize that they weren't the real child and say it aloud, beat them until they cried loud enough that their real mother came to rescue them, or bring the real child back. So ... yeah ^^;

beat them until they cried loud enough that their real mother came to rescue them

That's even darker than what I'd heard about those, as that is the sort of thing that some nutter would actually try and/or use as an excuse for beating their child beyond even what local standards deemed reasonable.

8088078 I tried telling my husband about some of those old fairy tales. He didn't believe me that they exist. X3 I figured they weren't connected (actually only one connected to Respite I think is the Shield's Protector) but it felt like there were some themes that bled over in spots. I honestly have a hard time imagining Thorax being cannon to Respite to be honest. I fear what would become of Aspire if he underwent that transformation.

I freakin' love your interpretation of Thorax. This could easily just have been a side story for DSPB.

Either way, it was some nice fluffy stuff.

I guess I'm in the giddy group because this was an adorable read. Loved the interactions between Flurry and Thorax.

Sunburst had gone to meet Trixie somewhere in the city. I didn’t pester him for details, but his face turned a rather endearing shade of pink and a familiar sweet scent rolled off him in waves.

Sunburst and Trixie are dating then? Well, you go Sunburst! I'd stop and wonder what Starlight thought of it though, except the honestly most likely way the two even met was that Starlight introduced them, so...take from that what you will.

Anyway, enough about that. Loved the story. I really wish I see more Thorax-fluffed stories like this more often among the fandom, but then again I suppose we can see the instances such as this when they do appear as all the more special. :twilightsmile:

Amusingly, I found the tale reminded me greatly of "Dear Small Pony Book," but I didn't actually realize it was written by the same author until reaching the author's note. :rainbowlaugh: Other than Thorax is characterized a bit differently in the sense that he strikes me as a bit more confident, outgoing, and less naive though, as well as the whole "changelings kidnapping and replacing foals" thing (nice use of actual mythology by the way), it feels like it could've fit nicely with "Dear Small Pony Book" with very little tweaking...so I'm just curious as to why it was decided to keep it separate instead. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I'm just curious.


Maybe he had a fight with a bag of cotton swabs.

Knowing Thorax, I can easily seem him doing as such, so it's definitely a plausible excuse for him. :rainbowlaugh:

8088113 They're quite fun to write! Thorax especially, just because he has to do so much work translating Flurry's wants from baby to adult to changeling adult and then back to What Princess Cadence Would Say.

8088128 Oh, dude, old tales like that are crazy. Look up some of the things that used to define "witch" when you get a chance. Just for fun, think of who that might apply to in real life. Unpleasant.

Glad you enjoyed the fic,!

8088129 I've had a couple folks ask me if Thorax was going to show up in Respite, and I honestly have no answer to that because he didn't exist when I outlined the story. Granted, some of the headcanon on how the changelings get power is similar, but I didn't have plans for a physical change quite the way the show did. Although, it has grown on me quite a bit. I quite like King Thorax.

8088172 I'm glad you enjoyed it! It could be a sidefic, but I sort of like it as its own thing. Let me make our future King a bit more intelligent and confident in himself, and allowed me to toss in a little faerie lore ;)

8088185 Hehehe, yes. Thorax is better than any guard dog, imo.

8088216 Timaeus and I like to call it Capeshipping ;)

And yeah, the reasons you outlined with the slight differences in his personality are why I wanted to keep it separated. And, well, let's just imagine what Shining's reaction might be to a journal entry in which Thorax admits he knows of the ol' changeling nymph switcheroo. Other than that ... eh, I wanted to make it a separate fic because followers voted on it as a part of that "what do I write for my birthday" blog, so they get their own fic out of it. With a familiar, yet slightly different, future King.

As Thorax's attorney, my client would like me to inform the court that the bag of cotton swabs—as shown here, ripped and rent apart with violence that can only be done by changeling fangs—fell down and hit Princess Flurry Heart upon her head and caused her to cry in shock. Thus, he chose to take steps to correct the offending bag for its heinous crimes. With his fangs.

Was the song Thorax sang inspired by the one Dracula sung to young Mavis from the "Hotel Transylvania" movie?

8088256 Yes! Thought so... the 'hissing angrily' part just reminded me so much of when Drac did something similar in his song.
8088258 Awesome! *Takes it and turns invincible for a few seconds*

Like what I've noted on occasion in "Dear Small Pony Book," Thorax's first reaction to encountering anything that he dislikes is to bite the hay out of it. So if a rogue and villainous bag of cotton swabs did dare to assault his overlady, you'd better believe he'd be sinking his fangs into it. Repeatedly. :rainbowlaugh:

Timaeus and I like to call it Capeshipping ;)

Well, they do both rock those capes of theirs... :raritywink:

8088260 Funnily enough, I actually said to Timaeus that I wanted to write a song routine that nodded to the scene in question when I started the fic. Just seemed to good to pass up, especially given that I tend to characterize Thorax as a guy who is still attached to "the Changeling Way" despite his want to fit in.



Thorax is a good changeling. Would have actually been cooler in my opinion if they had stayed black and not crazy technicolor and could have lead to an episode where they try to fit in with the ponies as themselves

So adorable!:pinkiehappy::heart:

That...was great. Thorax is best foalsitter.

Cute as a fluffy button :twilightsmile:

Adorable and delightful throughout. I do love this characterization of Thorax. Perhaps the best part is imagining the long term impact on Flurry Heart.

"Ambassador, these terms are a farce and we both know it."

"With all due respect, Your Highness, you can't expect more. You are far from the other alicorns, your army is miniscule, and—"


"Did... Did you—"

"The Changeling King was my nanny, sir. That was but the first of his lessons. You may not realize it, but while you've been looking precisely where I've wanted you to, my fangs are at your throat. Figuratively speaking, of course, though if you continue disrespecting me in my own castle, that may change. Now, why don't we discuss this trade agreement like civilized beings? I assure you, you will not enjoy the alternative."

This story is so adorable~ Have you ever let anyone do a dramatic reading of it? I think it would be amazing

8089026 Thank you!

8089069 Thorax is a very good changeling. And the new designs have sort of grown on me. It was jarring for a moment or two, but I'm good with it now. Sure, I have my wishes that they could've done more exploration and stuff, but that also leaves me plenty of room to write about Thorax's crazy antics in the Crystal Empire.

8089126 Yar!

8089161 He is the absolute best at whatever his Princess and Prince-Captain call him to be! Even if he's not the best, he is the best changeling at it so he is still the best by default!

8089170 But does the fluffy button know how to pounce properly? That's the real question.

8089185 Oh god, I'm not sure if the Royal Family would laugh or groan. Probably both. And Thorax would just smile smugly because his charge learned well and kept up with her practice.

8089303 This only got posted last night, so no readings have been done thus far. Glad you enjoyed it enough to think so though!

8089335 this was only posted last night and its already this popular? Wow. I'm impressed. I'm f you would like, I could do a reading of it.

8089340 Sometimes fics just hit at the right time or catch people in the right mood. And sure, go for it! Have fun!

One glaring problem.... Sunbrust and Trixie... Thorax would not have heard the name Trixie at this point. I think you mean Starlight. But the devil is in the detail and you done goofed up big.

Well, I quite enjoyed that. Well done.


One glaring problem.... Sunbrust and Trixie... Thorax would not have heard the name Trixie at this point. I think you mean Starlight. But the devil is in the detail wnd you down goofed up big.

Oh, the irony lol

8091511 doesn't change that you said Trixie and not Starlight, I can at least shift the blame to my smartphone's keyboard and time of day, what's your excuse?

8091544 That Thorax has only heard her name at this point and perhaps Sunburst met Trixie at Capes 'R Us.

8091547 :rainbowlaugh: no seriously, how do you get 'Trixie' from 'Starlight'? Why would Sunburst date Trixie? Wouldn't he date Starlight? We have no evidence that Trixie and Sunburst even know eachother beyond Starlight writing to him about Trixie and Thorax' reaction to meeting Trixie was point for point someone meeting someone new. Also Capes' R' Us doesn't sell star themed capes, the whole Starswirl vs. Clover lawsuit.... not a pretty situation, so you must be referring to SurCapes Unlimited:trollestia:

8091574 I have a better question: why do Starlight and Sunburst have to be shipped?

Answer: They don't. They really don't.

Freaking sweet and adorable! 10/10!

I knew this would make a cute story :pinkiehappy:

Aww this is cute as heck!


I leaned down to meet her. “Goodnight, Flurry,” I said again, nuzzling her nose.
“Nigh, Tora,” she murmured. Then, to my surprise, she kissed my nose and snuggled into her pillow.

Ermergerd! :yay: *squees*

This gets all my yes.

Fave worthy story indeed! :D

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