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Aguion12 - GotA

A weird as shit brazilian and his cast of OCs. That can't go wrong in any way whatsoever.

Hey, look! I actually wrote something!

A Bit About Me

I'm a Brazilian guy who considers himself part of the fandom even if he only read the fics instead of watching the fucking show.

I play League of Legends, by the way! If you play on the BR server and needs a Supp, call me! Let's climb to Gold together! Either that or fall back to the hell-hole that is Bronze, yelling "FUUUU-" all the way down and blaming each other.

I'm rewriting Guardians of the Aura! Now it is called The Will of the Elements, a MLP/D&D (homebrew) x-over on the concept of Spike and Luna going to Yasei instead of Fairy and her family going to Equestria! Now I can go balls to the wall with my project!

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Comment posted by catinthesocks deleted Jul 9th, 2020

Thanks for the fav.:twilightsmile:

Thank you for the fav of PARANOIA:EQUESTRIA

Thanks for the Fave on Queen Takes Dragon

Thanks for the fave, it meant a lot :)

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