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This group is dedicated to the defense of Princess Luna against Bronies who give her a bad rep, quite similar to the Protect Celestia group started by Celestias Paladin.

This story, Luna's Night by Deflare is a prime example of what I want in this group.


Thanks to Lilith911 for our banner!

A list of our sister groups with purposes very much like ours.
Protect Celestia
The Princesses
Protectors of Cadence

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Princess Luna FOREVER! :rainbowdetermined2:


So ya wanna play with magic? Boy, you should know what ur asking for. Baby do you dare to do this? Cuz I'm coming at you like a dark horse

praise the moon praise it bothers and sisters praise luna :yay:

Seems rhetorical, as all ponies are fine, although blueblood seems flank flustered, but nonetheless, bored.
So. Very. Bored.
let's go shipping with cadance Luna.

uh, raise moon awareness? If we get rid of celestia, by removing her title, nothing to drastic, or maybe drastic, it wouldn't really help.

Comment posted by Cocoa Swirl 10201 deleted Apr 27th, 2015

372966 I'm doing fine, Your Highness. The night is gorgeous, as always.

My liege, I am doing quite well.

375039 Very well. It is good to see our princess happy

372966 I do fine. How art thou?

Hello, fellow ponies. How art thou doing?

Hail, the Queen of the night! :rainbowdetermined2:

Sorry celestia but I like luna the best

I SHALL NEVER LEAVE LUNA (my inner fanboy is raging)

My question is what exactly counts as clop? Sex understandably, but fetishes? Yes, there are people that clop to those, but there is a fetish for practically anything, be it sexual or not. People can have a fetish for innocence and nostalgia, which would be why are attracted toward stories featuring colts and fillies (not to be confused with pedophilia)

First, I can't believe that this group is so small. Second, I can't believe it has so few stories. I mean, come on, this is Luna we're talking about. How could there not be more?

children of the night never heard the song cant so.....:ajbemused:

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