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Official Princess Luna

Greetings, dear subjects. I am Princess Luna and I am thy princess of the night.


2/11/25 · 4:19am Feb 12th, 2015


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What do you do at night?

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hello princess luna i,m a prince shadows. Prince shadow of the night.

Good afternoon your highness I'm HUMMER.

Good afternoon your highness I'm HUMMER.

Good afternoon your highness I'm MACHINE.

Follow for Follow?

(If you accept I won't put you in the trash...)

1376092 Thank you very much. You are awesome too.

1375575 thank you so much! ur awesome! no i havent written fics but i plan too

1375728 aww that's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute:heart::heart::heart:

1375719 When I was younger (and blank-flanked), Celestia would help me raise the moon until I could do it on my own. After all, when I was on the moon, she would raise and lower the moon for me.

1375670 ok I always thought you got your cutie Mark because night comes before day and gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok I'm confusing my self here lol :twilightsheepish:

1375581 yeah plus second question didn't you and your sister forget to destroy the window with twilight alicornness when triek was attacking?did you guys forget???:derpyderp2:

Celestia, being my older sister, got her cutie mark first.

Luna did you get your cutie Mark first or did your sister?:rainbowhuh:

1373325 Thou better not let Celestia hear that! To be honest, Celestia isn't all that perfect anyways, mainly because she sent her own sister to the moon.

  • Viewing 17 - 36 of 36
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