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Princess Luna is ready to take on her role as Princess of the Night once again upon the night of the winter solstice. She remains unhappy, though, for her subjects don't seem interested in what the night sky has to offer. Twilight Sparkle must take it upon herself to prove to the princess just how much Equestria loves the stars, and make this the best winter solstice ever.

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Loved it. There isn't much more to say, really. That was beautiful. Have a collection of emoticons.


Day and night, night and day. Neither truly exists without the other. Now that's Harmony.

If ever a fan concept deserved to be incorporated into canon, it's the Starry Night Festival.

Well done indeed. A treatment of Luna, her return, and the ponies reaction to her that I am very much in favor of. Looking forward to more of your writing.

beautiful story :heart::heart:

Just plain beautiful.
What an entrance.

Mmm, this was lovely.

Wow that was amazing, you are a great author, good sir. Don't stop writing :twilightsmile:

This could be an episode. I approve.

Vary enjoyable. Thanks for writing this.

Awesome. Just, awesome. Have a moustache.:moustache:

“Yes, Rainbow Dash?”
“Did Princess Luna just carve our cutie marks into the moon?”
“Yes she did.”
“By crashing, like, a ton of meteors into it?”
“...Best. Starry. Night. Festival. EVER.”
I loved it. This story was sweet, emotional, and completely brilliant.



Only problem is that they'd have to shift a ton of stuff for a good episode, thanks to media differences.

Still: Yeah, that 'Best. Starry Night Festival. Ever.' Comment was solid gold.

Well done! Bonus points for keeping on topic and not letting it become a TwiLuna shipfic - though I wouldn't mind that as the Epilogue, of course.

Two small corrections:

Well, this is right embarrassing, - Missing the opening quote before 'Well'.

Pinky Pie, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash all backed up their friends - Should be "Pinkie". I had to look it up at Hubworld myself, just to be sure.

For some reason I had 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' in my mind when Luna began her celebration and the bombardment of the moon, it had a Space oddisey 2001 feeling to it.

Corrected; thank you.


Luna is Best Princess. Things like this story are the reason why.

You've earned a moustache, sir. :moustache:

That part where Luna cried? I also had tears going. It was a beautiful moment she greatly deserved.
(...where's my Luna emotes, darn it?)

Aaah! Seriously, this is one of the first Luna oneshots I've seen that wasn't... angsty. And it was amazing!
I'm so happy right now. That was actually really amazing. Because I can totally understand her right from the start, but then ajkahfs that ending was brilliant.

I agree with what quite a few other people are saying. This needs to happen!! This will forever be deeply entrenched in my headcanon.


Such a wonderful story. I've just finished it a second time, and I have no doubt there shall be more readings in my future. This is truly a masterpiece.

You are a wonderful author, and I hope to see more from you.

“...Best. Starry. Night. Festival. EVER.”
-Yes. :rainbowkiss:

I believe that it makes SO much sense that they need not include it in the show unless they have some particular use for it plot-wise. It can be assumed to exist until and unless proven otherwise.

If I might make so bold as to suggest my own Scratching a Diamond I think that you will find it worth the amount of time that its nine-hundred-odd words will require.

This is one of the best fanfics on this site, and its a shame no one has read it :fluttercry:

:twilightsmile: The best fic i've read in a while, take here some related art.

all the d'awwww
i can't contain it all

One of the best stories I have ever read on this site.

So moving I felt like crying in some parts... Just beautiful.

And I completely agree with Dusty Sage, Starry Night Festival deserves to be cannon.

Marvelous. Simply marvelous.

Cool stuff, very sweet. Liked the moon part very much, gave me an idea for my own story.

Who the hell would downvote this? This was beautiful. I'm still all teary.

Just one thing to say. When I read this, "Firework" by Katy Perry comes to mind.

This was beautiful :raritystarry:

Very nice story. I'm of a mind with the first stallion. Poor lonely Luna! :heart:

a gray pegasus with a yellow main


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Amazing piece. I was blown away. You have a real talent, and I'm eager to read some of your other works.

Beautiful story all round.

Comment posted by Zanec deleted Nov 17th, 2014

A masterpiece.

Amazing, I love how you've done Luna in this. Also, reading it with the Luna format fits it perfectly.

Best fanfiction ever... of all time.

Simply marvelous.

Oh god. The feels.:heart:


My god...

This... jewel... is going to be permanently enshrined into my deepest favorites list. These are the kinds of stories that not only entertain, or even bring me to tears, but also evoke so much pure emotion that they inspire me to be the best I can be. I'll be sharing this one with as many of my friends as I possibly can. Thank you so, so much, dear author. :twilightsmile:

5911814 Reading it with the Luna format is exactly how I did it. ^^ The purple background and flittering stars really added to the effect.

Comment posted by Crystal Wolf deleted Sep 30th, 2017

One that, sadly, has not aged that well, if not too badly either.

Beautiful! I was crying with Luna!:pinkiesad2:

that was beautiful, i am crying :pinkiesad2:😭:twilightblush:

Oh my...that was one of the best stories I have ever read! I am literally drowning in tears at the moment! My favorite pony is Princess Luna and I am writing a story featuring her...I think your short story kind of put my story to shame to be honest lol. But, seriously, this was such an awesome read, I'm going to mention you in Sky Harmony, where Sun and Moon join as one, where ponies who love the day or night come together to socialize and celebrate the harmony of the sun and moon. You are invited with utmost joy. Please, Lunestia StoryHart and I would be very pleased for you to join this group. With so so so so so so so much love, Moonchild


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