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I got some stories i want to get out of my head. Feel free to read them!

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OMGWTFBBQ · 7:01am Jun 6th, 2017

FimFiction(dot)Net’s new update

This is going to need some getting used to. Such a drastic changes all of a sudden. Oh and yes, old meme is old.

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Hm, they must be swamped with other requests probably. I'd try contacting them on discord; it could speed up the process :eeyup:

yeah, no one would answer me.

Did you try to contact one of the moderators about your issue? The admins (knighty and xaquseg) most likely will not bother with user requests if it can be done by a mod instead.

Hey guys, this is Frost Bear. I'm using a new account because I can not get into this one and the people who run this site have remain silent when I have tried contacting them. Since I can not get into my prime account, I'll be re-uploading and finishing my stories on the new one. I wouldn't do this if certain SOMEBODY would reply to my message but oh well.
This has become an inconvenience to me and I apologize to everyone for the severe lack of an update. Hopefully we can get this problem resolved eventually

Okay! Just making sure that it's not another dead story.

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