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I got some stories i want to get out of my head. Feel free to read them!


sequel to How Starlight Glimmer Actually Reformed

Starlight Glimmer is now Twilight's daughter!
But how does this effect the elements of harmony and Equestria?
First thing's first, Twilight will have to tell her parents about their sudden granddaughter. Then they're going to have to talk to both princesses about the new legal princess who happens to be an ex-villain. Hopefully her brother and sister in law will understand. Then there's Twilight's friends, the town Starlight controlled, and many problems only the elements of harmony can handle.

Sometimes she wishes she could go back to the days where she raised a young filly, Starlight...

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 146 )

Lol a mother's intuition can detect temporal anomalies. This is entertaining stuff you got here. Keep up the good work.

Vary good story can't give it a thumbs up at this time for my tablet seems to be stupid

Next would be Celestia and Luna meeting a now beautiful Twilight and possibly new Princess Starlight.

And Spike is definitely Night Light's grandson :rainbowlaugh:

Good chapter though I do feel it may have bash Celestia a bit much. But whatever, keep up the good work.

And then celestia falls in love whit twilight

And get in fight with several stallions and maybe a few mares, like the Elemental Barrers.

Comment posted by DerUbermensch deleted Feb 6th, 2016

Finally Luna gets one over Celestia.

If Starlight Glimmer is going to be made a princess on the grounds that she's the daughter of Twilight Sparkle, what about Prince Spike?

Joking as she and Luna may be at the end, Celestia really fucked up. If she doesn't fix it quick, then serious damage could be done with their relationship.

Twilight and family is in Canterlot for the week so Celestia has time to fix things....
But I have a problem with how... Meh Twilights parents was to the news, I expected them to be upset that they never got to see or even spend time with Starlight as she was growing up. So many birthdays missed... One grand child they never got to spoil...
Oh well the story is not complete so I'll see where it goes from here!

I wonder how Sunset will react to Twilight's newfound beauty?

I love the Ghostbusters reference. :rainbowlaugh:

I love this story what going to happen next it is so touching and cute. Love the story I hope to see more.:pinkiehappy:

Rarity gulped, “Remind me not to anger her.”
“I’d be running away if you angered her,”

Indeed. :derpytongue2:

“You said she attended collage. What was her major?”
“Magic,” Spike snorted, “Specifically Starswirl Alteration Theory with a minor in Arcane Artillery.”

:applejackconfused: Wow if guess she is really like her 'mom'. Better not to anger her too. :pinkiecrazy:

“You guys can’t even fight off changelings,” Spike folded his arms, “Fluttershy was able to fight off changelings. FLUTTERSHY! Do you honestly think you could stand a chance against a dragon?”

He does have a point... :derpytongue2:

Nightlight waved a hoof, “We stopped caring after not getting an invitation to Shining Armor’s wedding… and changeling invasion.”

:rainbowlaugh: Awesome, and that's one hell of a canon plot-hole now that I think about it. :derpyderp2:

Awesome, even if you bashed Celestia a little :twilightblush:, good work.

Can't wait for Shining and Cadence to find out.
Great work so far, well done. :twilightsmile:

Love the story, hope you keep up the work.

Are you going to do a spiceal for the EQG:Friendship Games or you are just doing the show?

“After not getting invited to his wedding, he makes sure to write us every day,” Nightlight looked around suspiciously, “Hell hath no fury like Twilight Velvet.”

Considering what we have seen her daughter do, I don't doubt it.

Nice chapter, good work. :twilightsmile:

Interesting love the chapter can't wait to read the reactions of the other characters like Cadance, Shining Armor. Oh and what will happen with Celestia and Twilight.:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

7029282 I'm considering a mention of Sunset via that book they use to talk to each other but it may or may not happen depending on how I can fit it into the story.

Of course Luna isn't doing this to get back a, celly. Nope.

Definitely not....

No grudge match here.... nope..... I feel bad for Twilight. Her mom and father were jerks to start and Celestia was, a BIG BUTT!

Great, so Starlight is now playing match h maker?

Cadence is gonna flip a table... :rainbowlaugh:

So...when is this going to be updated again?

I read the comic the previous story was based on. I laughed so hard.:rainbowlaugh:


You could have it as twilight gets a message from sunset and decides to bring starlight along as both a lesson in friendship aswell as to explain things to sunset and her human world friends.
And when they go through the portal twilight comes out the other end as a full grown adult confusing everyone at first as she hasn't explained things to them.

6950080 I think he supports the New Lunar Republic.

7290990 And spike is now either a Labrador or a German Shepherd.


Or just a larger leaner version of his canine form

So, the duel reminded me of Avatar: The Last Air Bender. And I gotta agree with Starlight. What did we miss?!

:ajbemused: don't tell me: this is going to be the pony version of Toph (from Avatar: The Last Airbender)
:trixieshiftright: yep
:ajbemused: lots of complaining in our future?
:trixieshiftright: most likely
:ajbemused: ...bring it on :rainbowwild: BOOYAHAHAHAHA!!!!! WHOOOO!!!
:twilightsheepish: obvious Emperor's New Groove reference aside, I'M curious to see where this is going...

Uh, pretty sure you meant "duel" and "duelest". Saying it was dullest says it was boring.

I was kinda confused until I realised that you meant duel and duelist instead of dull and dullest. Dull = boring

A pony version of Toph, look like things are get good

“I went to Twilight’s junior dullest shows and the worst that happened then was turning into a cactus… again.”

You might want to take another look at this line, as it doesn't seem to make sense...

“I barley know anyone there!”

“I barely know anyone there!”

Sunny’s eyes widened at the fireball hit her.

Sunny’s eyes widened as the fireball hit her.

Starlight thought of a few way to finish this fight.

Starlight thought of a few ways to finish this fight.

I can’t breath!”

I can’t breathe!”

Celestia was bound in ribbon tied in a bow.

Celestia was bound in a ribbon tied in a bow.

“Explaining Sexual Preference by Princess Cadence.”

“Explaining Sexual Preferences by Princess Cadence.”

It should go on record that the book Twilight had is in the top five best sellers and was awarded novel of the year twice.

In what possible way is that important to the story itself? Sure, it's an interesting little factoid, but I don't see how it contributes to the actual plot of the story, unless of course you do something ridiculous to make it important to the plot of the story...please don't. I like this story so far.

7348044 I'd like to thank both of you for directing me to the flaws.

Ya Toph some how she made it to ponyland and is acting cool about it. Now if the others of Team Avatar(Last Air Bender) makes a cameo that whould take the cake.

Nice chapter as always:twilightsmile:

“From the Badlands… the Blind Bandit!”
The spotlights shifted to the right side of the ring. A rather tiny earth pony mare trotted to the center ring.

Earth Bending for the win! :pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

:facehoof: this is ridiculous: I mean, where are the attempted break-ins? :trollestia: you see what I did there? in all seriousness, good job so far...

I got a real Sans and Papyrus vibe from Luna and Celestia, respectively. They were the best part of the chapter.

I never seen you around Canterlot and I’m positive someone would’ve recognized you in Ponyville.”

I never saw you around Canterlot and I’m positive someone would’ve recognized you in Ponyville.”

There have been monster sighting in that area.”

There have been monster sightings in that area.”

“I know it was embarrassing back then with you little friends but they’re still good for the party.”

“I know it was embarrassing back then with your little friends but they’re still good for the party.”

“Thank you, I gave Raven today’s duties.

Is it bad that when I hear the name Raven, I automatically think of this Raven?

“Is this suppose to be amusing?”

“Is this supposed to be amusing?”

“It was only ONE TIME LUNA! ONE TIME!”

Sure, one time that led to a thousand year banishment..

It’s suppose to do that to the present.

It’s supposed to do that to the present. Something tells me that while Twilight does like like mares, she only like likes Celestia. Even with how Celestia was totally jealous of her.

“But if I get set on fire again, someone is going to the dungeon.”

Heh. The dungeon, she says...

Twilight jumped on the couch next to Moon Dancer, “Uh… yeah… Ever since she was a filly. I sort of had to make sure she was able to use the time spell that resulted in me being her mother.”
There was an awkward moment of silence.
“Does it get less weird each time you say it?”
“No, it still feels as weird as it sounds.”

Awesome work, keep it up.

A many were disappointed that Twilight wasn't into mares, not just because she wasn't pared with Moon Dancer, it was because it ruined 90% of the ships with Twilight Sparkle. Beware.

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