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An insane and reality warping Chaos God, The Warring and Reuniting of the Sisters/Princesses of Day and Night, and vague backstories that allow almost anything? How was I suppose to resist, exactly?


After the Smarty Pants incident, Twilight revisited one subject of books that she never did master: Self-help books. This time, its working! And with new things open to her, Twilight decides to liven up her life a bit.

And what better way to hit the track galloping than by pranking Pinkie Pie?

Her changes will bring both amusement and concern from her loved ones, wondering if they should be worried something is wrong or just happy she's enjoying herself. Because, either way, they got to admit its funny that Pinkie Pie thinks Twilight is reading her mind.

Slightly OOC Twilight, but that's the entire premise.

Timing is Season Three, Post-Sombra but Pre-Alicorn

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Is Discord loose yet or not? If not, I'd suggest having her play chess with random objects on a board with statue Discord being her supposed opponent and her discussing random exceptions of physics with it while pretending he is talking back to her. If he is loose probably have her enlist him, knowingly or not, in a random discussion similar to the previous while they play some nonsense game Discord or Twilight make up.

Ahh, yes, this is pre-reform Discord, so still a state. Knew I forgot to mention something.

Another suggestion that might be going too far: Twilight approaches Rarity for a stallion's cut coat for the upper class, top hat, and monocle because she is going to have tea with one of the princesses.

The last half-dozen lines or so were... not really appreciated, but damn, is this awesome. Moar?

This looks good!
I am very curious to read how it goes from there.
Is Ponyville ready for the brainy prankster?


Is Ponyville ready for the brainy prankster?

I'm guessing not! :applejackunsure:

'...Prankster Twilight. Scary, but interesting,' Spike decided, fighting off a smirk.

That sums up my reaction to the chapter pretty well. :derpytongue2:

Good work.

...Spell that makes the entire Apple Family (in Ponyville at least) think they're changelings? Make Angel bunny start speaking in a very feminine voice with a high Canterlot accent? Make Rarity start speaking in the exact opposite (masculine, rough-and-tumble)? Perhaps as a grand finale, putting poison joke extract in Ponyville's water supply? I could come up with these all day, PM me if you want more!

Hive the entirety of Ponyville the... Runs. Water supply.

cant wait for more!:twilightblush:

To clear up any confusion, this is after the Canterlot Wedding and the Crystal Empire, but before Discord's release.

Before Discord's release? Wow, he's missing out on something quite special here.

Honestly, I think I've laughed at this chapter more than I have to a single chapter of any other story in a year or better.

Peripheral muscular hydrostat.

I'm going to start telling people I have one of these.

Minus the Peripheral part, you do. The tongue is amuscular hydrostat.

8175937 Oh my god it's the tongue?

That makes it so much better

Yep. Peripheral muscular hydrostat refers to things like a tentacle or an elephant trunk, but in general all mammal tongues are muscular hydrostats.:derpytongue2::moustache:

Oh this is gonna be good:rainbowkiss:
Its almost as if someone trained her to be a prankster:trollestia:

"Up here!" The unicorn called, making the farmmare look upward...and gape at the upside down Twilight, sitting on the ceiling. Even her mane was in defiance of gravity!
"I...I don't know how to respond to this," Applejack stated slowly.
"Well, the normal response is to return the greeting with your own, sometimes followed by a hug," Twilight suggested helpfully.
"Twilight, why are you on the ceiling?" Applejack asked bluntly.

:rainbowlaugh: Twilight has been possessed by the element of laughter, is the only explanation! :pinkiecrazy:

"You're not surprised I'm a prankster?" Twilight asked curiously. She was half expecting him to accuse her of being a changeling.
"You're Celestia's student," he countered knowingly.

Indeed. :trollestia:

Awesome chapter, great work!

Or she taught herself by reading "how to prank" books, just like she learned how to race.
Looks like Twi is on a spreading pranking spree!

*reads chapter title*..eeeh?:twilightoops:..... things are about to get wierd
*after story* :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: le-gaaaaaaaaaasp:raritydespair: oh my lungs, they hurt, somebody call nurse redheart! can't breathe! my epidermis hurts, I bit my muscular hydrostat, and my pulmonis feels like fire!

8180289 dido,

More OOC Twi please the world needs a Pinkie like Twilight.

it was close, but discord's rewrite had me laughing more

Funny as hell, but self-help books don't usually flip your personality 180 degrees. Unless it's the Necronomicon For Dummies or something.

As amazingly strange as this is, I have to wonder why it doesn't have a random tag.

You have my full attention . I love this. Please keep going.

I think the random tag is more suited for fanfics like those in which somepony turns into a truck for example, among other things.

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