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There are some things which you cannot do. There are some limits on even a Noble's actions. Never learn these limits. Never accept them. You are a Lord or Lady of this earth.

...that cult would never die till the stars came right again, and the secret priests would take great Cthulhu from His tomb to revive His subjects and resume His rule of earth. The time would be easy to know, for then mankind would have become as the Great Old Ones; free and wild and beyond good and evil, with laws and morals thrown aside and all men shouting and killing and revelling in joy.

Then the liberated Old Ones would teach them new ways to shout and kill and revel and enjoy themselves, and all the earth would flame with a holocaust of ecstasy and freedom...

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He really died from drinking that still-burning alcohol

I hear you're the best reviewer on this site. I also see you're dead. It's a shame. RIP, I guess.


you don't fucking matter

please start to matter

I'm afraid I still haven't heard from him.

I stll hope he's doing okay, wherever he is.


I hope he's doing well.

A few months after he first left he logged in once so I guess he's fine.

That sounds... ominous. I hope he's alright. I mean, best-case scenario he's just given up on the fandom, right?

He and I talked very frequently, then he said he'd be busy getting ready for the new school year, then he just.....vanished.

Me too. I mean, I only visit the site occasionally anymore, but still :applejackunsure:

Missing you man.

Your comments are everywhere. They're like an epidemic of self-assured bullshit. Then again, you are entitled to your opinion, even if you could've done a better job of getting your point across.
Criticism is about communication. You give the guy you're criticizing some concrete explanations on what he did wrong. Instead you went for the 'hit him with the truth until he gets it' approach, which is both counterproductive and pretty damn conceited. Did you want to teach the guy you were criticizing something or were you just having fun stroking your own ego?
Whatever. Have fun doing whatever you are doing now.

I'm watching you Lam. Especially when I drink.

Come back to life! We miss you!

Jesús. Um hi, I’m just coming from reading evergreen heart, and got curious on the flame war between you and the author. I’ve noticed your comments before in previous works of fimfiction, first saw you in “Bad Mondays” I believe. And after reading the conversations from evergreen and your current page of your profile from other authors, I find this entertaining. Not as in funny kinda way ( well a little bit) but more of informative shock. I’m surprised on how bad people will take criticism, specially their precious works of fiction that keep them from the “harsh” reality of the world. And I also find you relatable, I often critique within my mind most things ( majority is movies) since I often observe and see people react and do. And when I do try to say my opinion it comes rather blunt. I often wonder if we criticize things because we care and want them to be better. Like this year’s movies ( Incredibles II, and Jurassic world fallen kingdom) my family enjoyed them, but I didn’t find them as good as I was expecting them to be. I gave them my opinion and they just gave me a weird stare. I never felt so disconnected to my brothers and sister within my life. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling. Maybe my tastes are different from watching different forms of fiction and story telling. Idk. Hope I haven’t offended you in some way by mentioning your arguments. I’m just a fan of your comments feigning ignorance and hoping for the best. ( And possibly becoming a friendly aquatintence ) Everything is sensitive these days. ( like milk becoming a white supremacy symbol, or Cuphead being racist)

Same to you, as far as I'm concerned we've never talked at all.

Thread deleted. I will never speak of this again if you do the same. Have a wonderful life, I wish you luck in all your future endeavors, and a long life.

Well, I've been around, I just haven't been posting in groups much. End/Beginning-of-the-year crunch, mostly.

Welcome back. Again. Technically, you've been missing for a year. How time flies, huh?

wlam #196 · Sep 5th, 2017 · · 6 ·

Thanks, so am I.

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