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Someone who's sensitive on things that's vulgar and violent. I WILL retaliate if anyone who's agressive towards me.


Life Update 6/28/19 · 9:25am Jun 28th, 2019

Okay, so it's been... what? 5 months? Since I last Updated, and kinda skimmed some stories out and unable to update them Due to the new life we have ever since baby Simon was born. I've been stressed lately, and a bit struggling on some financial needs, but we get by enough to sustain our lives... that is, Until the Critical levels of the Dam hit. Yes, we're in a state of Drought. and Water is starting to drain REAL fast. help is bad here since all water treatments are starting to shut down

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I just coudn't do the maintenace on the story. Since i cant be online on a pc anymore. Ever since i gave birth to my son...expenses are squeezing me to the last drop on money to rent a pc to go online and its been hard enough updating my stories let alone turnabout storm. So i made the transfer. He suggested it, and we agreed. I'm not as active as i used to be.:fluttercry: Though my husband is taking over once in a while.

quick question. why did you transfer turnabout storm to firesight?

Congrats on the baby. I appreciate you letting go of a great story so that said story could continue. I wish you all the best, just make sure to check up on your creations every once in a while. We need all the adults we can get here.

2402146 well... I take it as Professional Criticism. At least it's not Trash Criticism that's for sure, so... for me, I'll respect this. :ajsmug:

  • Viewing 73 - 77 of 77
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