Welcome my friend to In Bibliotheca Eclipsis, or if you prefer, The Library of the Eclipse. I am the humble caretaker of this repository.

Here, the many stories I've read, in addition to a number of other things, can be found. My library is open to all who wish to use it, but you should know a few things first.
- First of all, the individual folders are to be used for organizational purposes, and a short description can be found at the bottom of this entry.
- Secondly, while this is primarily my private archive, there is no saying it may not expand into something more later. I'm open to options, and suggestions, provided this group grows.
- Thirdly, it is unlikely that my entire favorites list will ever be fully compiled here, and for that I am sorry. The reason for this is simply because it would be impossible to categorize some of the stories I have read to a given section, and I simply don't have the energy or time to devote to this instead of my incursions into it's holdings.
- Lastly, it is likely that stories will be added to multiple folders of this collection as an inevitable result of filing conflictions. Bear it no mind.

Section Descriptions

The Chronicles of Daring Do is a small section devoted to the compiling of the Daring Do novels, for those of you obsessed with them.
The Magna Monumentis is the wing of the library devoted to the strongest and in many cases most serious of the fics I've read. It is also prone to containing some of the darkest shadows and greatest epics, for it is seems that the darkest shadows bring forth the brightest light.
The Aula Lacrimis is the "Hall of Tears," the wing of this library born of sorrow. Sadness here flows like an inky river, but even the voice of sorrow can teach lessons to those willing to listen.
The Haylo Archives is a simple explanation, a collection of the fanfics devoted to the Haylo fan-universe, and only those. Halo/MLP crossover fics not of that fanverse can be found in the other crossover files.
The Porticus Cordibus Apertis is the section of the archives devoted to those fics that touch the heart can always be open too, be they fics of heartwarming, comedy, or simply joy. A place of innocence evermore.
The Athenaum Tenebris or "Dark Records" is the place where might be found those things that chill the heart. To some they are a thrill... but to others, they are not. You have been warned. War, horror, terror, and such dwell here.
The Metamorphosis Archives is the collection of all fics that focus on or in large part rely on physical transformations, such as alicornication or vamponism.
The Hall of Reflections is the section devoted to stories noticeably heavy in things provoking deep thought, challenging question, and such onto the reader. Philosophy would be a part of most of these stories, but somtimes stories that simply teach an important lesson can be found.
The Crossover Collections is where to look for stories that mix MLP and other universes, or at least those that aren't numerous enough to warrant their own section. Just don't get lost... it's kinda big.
The Writs of Redemption is where you can go to find stories built around the redemption of a character, be that redemption warranted by canon or simply invoked by the plot.
The Venerum Corpus is the romance section, and as such, it will include both clopfics shipfics, and friendshipfics. As usual, only stories that focus on the subject will be featured here, while stories that include it but do not focus on it will be featured in other areas.
The Enigma Files should be obvious, but to those unable to open another tab and find the definition, this section is devoted to stories focused on mystery, first and foremost.
And then you've got the Miscellaneous Section, which pretty much covers everything else.
The Laughing Room is where you go to find a laugh! What more need be said?

To be added...
- Some events, some threads, and some other sections like a forum

Yes I know I am being horribly dramatic on this thing, so what? It's supposed to be a sorting system and a test of my group-making skills, but I would rather have fun too.
For those asking, I found the picture about using google and I do not know the artist. Regardless, my thanks to them.
Also, yes I know the latin terminology is buchered. Forgive that. If anyone wants to help me fix it then you're welcome to.

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How do I add my story on here?

Okay, first time I've actually visited this group in I don't know how long, and I see that a lot of people seem to have taken an interest to it.

So, I'm curious... do you think I should rework it into something more along the lines of a shared archive? People submit fics they like to a given section not for themselves (what with the new bookshelves update that I personally will be converting over to with extreme force) but to offer them to other members of the group and those that visit as something to read.

In addition, the forums could probably be used to discuss said fics.
Quite frankly, I'm practically assured to not be using this much on a personal level, so why not let it work as a communal node?

Please reply with your opinions and suggestions.

this might be very relevant to my interests

May I ask that if you find any interest in this fiction Beneath an Endless Dusk that you had it to your impressive collection of stories?

That'd be awesomu!

If I may be so humble, may I request that my story, Lord of the Ponies: The Search for Harmony, be added to this vast collection.

Comment posted by vadram deleted May 18th, 2013

You currently have 58 members, counting me of course. Business is picking up! I would also like to recommend taking your read later list and tossing it into an "unsorted section" if you have the time. Just because you're the librarian, doesn't mean you must read every book in your library.

Comment posted by Shirley Not Serious deleted May 26th, 2013

I do have one story I would like to suggest to this group, my own, Maternal Instinct I do not wish to come across as self-advertising, but I do think it may be a story you may indeed enjoy. If you could give a look over to decide, I would really appreciate it.

285673 Because I read like a machine... probably a chainsaw.

285672 Why do you have so many favorites?

285670 It just seems a bit much. My stories list is too big. I must have 400 favorites!

285669 Don't worry, the diaries is uploading at a leisurely pace. It can be finished later, don't worry. :twilightsmile::pinkiesmile:

285668 I still haven't finished the diaries yet... but I'm workin' on it! Sometimes I worry that my readlater list will crush me like the national debt if I don't read faster...

285667 That might be a good idea. Glad you enjoyed Flutterheart, though

285666 Yet I haven't been posting my reads into it for at least a week... maybe it should be repurposed?

285641 Yeah, I found it a while back. This is a huge collection of stories, man. Way too much effort put into ti to just quit.

284467 Sorry about that, I got overzealous when I started this group, and only recently did I realize that this group isn't working very well. What it essentially was meant to be was a group used as a sorting system for my favorites list, and that just doesn't work so well.

I am considering closing this group and devoting all my time to The Idea Factory, but I will leave this if you guys want. I never noticed that this group had 11 members... sheesh I need to keep a better eye on my groups.

Edit: 284150 Also, Flutterheart is probably in the Venerum Corpus.

I come here every so often and see like 7 notifications...and they're all stories being added in here. :duck:

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