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Sometimes in yugioh · 5:12pm April 8th

Yugioh players say that you need to have a lot of negates in order to win.

But I say all I need is a big unga bunga beatstick to smack down any red-eyes dragon's for you

What are some of your favorite cards and why from the history of this game

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Thanks for the fav on The Good of the Many. :twilightsmile:

no because one i don't use twitter.

and 2 i use that folder for ANY story that has a incomplete, hiatus, or cancelled tag on it because until it's finished who's to say it won't becaome a dead fic

So for you a fic that updated last month is dead? What do you think fanfics are, a twitter feed?

trust me i don't like reorganizing, especially if it keeps me from reading stories I've yet to read.

  • Viewing 63 - 67 of 67
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