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Why I fell out of love with the Equestria Girls franchise and Sunset Shimmer · 12:41am November 9th

You know, just going off the title, I might surprised a few people. Or not. I'm not sure if I've ever really stated these opinions before here. For a good reason if I hadn't. I've been working myself over this for far too long, writing and deleting several blog posts I was writing to explain why. The reason I do this is because I'm quite sure that you all were aware that at one point I was a huge fan of Sunset Shimmer. She was my favorite character in the franchise and I adored every moment she

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Hopefully, college takes first priority. So while I might not get to it this year, definitely next year or late this one after this semester is over.

Great, does this mean you are going to work more on the Love knows no Reason group of stories?

Not at the moment. Hadn't had the drive to check it out.

Have you considered watching any of the Fate series?

Glad to see it. I greatly enjoyed Mirror Magic despite its shortcomings. I have a outline set up for a Twilight+Sunset+Starlight adventure story but don't know when if ever I'll write it. Look forward to more writings (I have a lot to catch up on heh)

Biology is fun. It was organic chemistry that wasn't though...

I'm happy for you man to see that your situation has improved. I know how it feels. Just keep your head up and find an outlet for it. And no problem. If you need someone to talk to I'll try to be here for ya.

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