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Just your friendly neighborhood Salnalus. Writing stories and pointless blog posts. Feel free to check them out, and stuff.

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Long Time Update · 9:04am Jan 13th, 2018

It's been a while since I wrote a blog post, so why not. A little more than a full year, actually (my last post was January 10 2017). We're in 2018 now. Season 7 is finished, and we got a pony movie (I watched it on premiere day). The year of leaks is over, and HOPEFULLY Season 8 doesn't get the same treatment, because I hate leaks and spoilers with a fiery passion... oh wait, we already got major spoilers for what's going to be happening in the next four years. Celestia help me. Celestia help

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Hello! My friend ladydestinae requested I reach out to you. He got your message back in 2016 and has not been able to respond. His email is: Beasley1053@emailinterface.org.
My email is e.a.oppito@gmail.com if you have any questions. Thanks!

Comment posted by dottysocute deleted Jul 5th, 2019

I... see. Well, thanks for letting me know anyway.

...I hope you took a screenshot.

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Tis Some Inspirational Words From A Friend

"I've accepted that getting popular highly depends on luck and experience, which most fics often don't have. Our fics just haven't been most fics. That's okay. Just because your work isn't popular doesn't mean it isn't great or on par with popular works, it just means it's less noticed. That's it.

Coming from competitive gaming, I've learned that the best mindset in playing against someone else is to never underestimate your opponent, but never overestimate them either. They are just as good as you. It really isn't that much different from other authors when writing. They are just as good as you. The stories you've favorited were made by authors with just as much ability as you. Same for those who get thumbs downs or don't get any views. They have just as much ability as you.

But if you keep updating and keep submitting stories, your chance for getting more popular or getting more luck is great, while in the same time you gain more practice and get more experience. It's really a win-win situation when you keep at it, at least when I look at it. I'm sure a lot of other people would disagree with me, but that's how I see it."


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