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A group for people who play League of Legends. Post LoL-related fics, your own fics, or just go try to find a decent support to queue with.:trollestia:

Fics that deal with the League go under League Related. It doesn't have to be something that you yourself wrote, but it could be.

The Members' Works folder is for pure, shameless self-promotion. Add fics that you may have written, but don't have to do with LoL. Feel free to add stories in both folders. All genres are welcome.

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I played some league, trying to get my hands on Aatrox the Darkin Blade.

any one want to play some games some time am a silver 2 adc main on NA ign :Rainbow Dashwu

Comment posted by Norty Ahri deleted Feb 12th, 2015
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you know they should start a Azir mlp story, saying that he teleported to the desert from equestria, and that when twilight and the mane six (and spike of course) met an entire kingdom out of nowhere made by the one and only Azir, The Emperor of The Sands. XD :twilightsheepish:

...... I really want there to be a story involving Ahri :derpytongue2:

"Shurima...Your Emperor has returned!"

Hello Azir - aka Celestia's future husband xD

has anyone noticed the new mecha skins :derpyderp1:, OMG I'M SOO GONNA BUY THE MECHA AATROX SKIN :rainbowkiss:

I'm a lvl 29 league player that was on such an annoying losing streak that I decided to go smurf.

I consider myself a decent solo mid lane as a mage (ahri/teemo/leblanc), a top as nasus/master yi/riven/fiora or a solo top as fiora/riven, a solid bot adc as vayne/tristana/kennen or a sp as blitzcrank/soraka.

But my best is a Vi jungle. It always is, it always have been.

Asia server.

Hey guys! Check out this cool stream that is definetly not me.


358799 Sry I am on EUW. And have to improve my jungler play to compete well against ranked opponents.

Our team needs three subs, wanna be one? We plan on starting our placement matches as soon as le summer starts.


Ooh, great. If you're NA and am fine with a team, we need a sub who is decent at jungle/support.

Our team needs a sub jungle, if you're NA.

Me, a full-build Fizz, and a kha'zix chargin down mid at 65:00

Entire enemy team at their inhibitor



353002 yeah man, and good luck on your games bro

352272 holy crap, you and me both.

Man I'm looking forward to the new fizz skin... Void Fizz its gonna be awesome

cool, I'd love to, only one problem: EUW servers are ablaze again :ajbemused: If Riot could stop bringing out OP champs and instead fix the servers, that would be great

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