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A group for people who love the game where everyone screams at each other, plays the blame game, and says Riki/Antimage/Pudge/Pretty-Much-Every-Character-In-The-Game is OP and unbalanced:



Feel free to join and add your wonderful Dota stories into our folders, or join us in the forums and chat about Anti-Mage's wicked haircut. :twilightsmile:

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who calls the Dragon Lord? :twilightsheepish::trollestia:

anti mage hates magic why not someone make a story "Antimage in Equestria".

Chapter One: Twilight... is that... magic?
Twilight: Why yes it is you strange mohawk creature. Why do you ask?
Antimage: Magic... I... hate... MAGIC!

It's about time they made a DOTA 2 group. :moustache:

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