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Hey, you. I like you. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

> I sure have fast internet

>Non-Existing Stories (They are lies!)

Free ahri

> Epic music.


> TSM!

Best team worlds.


Not sure what to say. · 1:15am Sep 14th, 2014

But I'll begin it this way, did you know that me and my friends have a DotA 2 team named "Eat a Plankton." And it has 3075 MMR
No? Well.

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Good news everyone, I have successfully transfered to EUW. I have added you under the username Serbian Dash. Any time you want to play, just call me.

967480 Well,it would be awesome if you could give me your skype (if you use it) so I can add you and see if you are present when you are not online on EUNE. This should help us organize a bit. :) :rainbowlaugh:

966122 Sure mate! I can log on to EUNE sometime and have fun with ya :rainbowlaugh: We can pwn those n00bs to oblivion and beyond! :rainbowwild:

Ok, since I saw that you like TSM and MLP, I have decided that you are awesome. Therefore I have added you on EUNE, my nickname is HolyTrauma. Hopefully you will be online from time to time so we can play together ^o^.:rainbowkiss:

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