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If you have read one or more of my stories, and deemed them enjoyable, then first of all thank you, and second, you may want me to write something especially for you. If the latter is the case then don't hesitate to ask me via pm. Take note that I take my time when it comes to writing. Also, because I have trouble setting up a Patreon, all story requests stay free for so long.

In addition, if you have an idea for a story, but for some reason cannot or don't want to write it by yourself, hit me up for a collab.

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This is a short story about eternity, which I was told by my grandpa a long time ago.

Imagine that all mountains, from the European Alps, Pyrenees, over the Rocky Mountains, the Himalaya and every other mountain in this world, was thrown together and fused into one giant rock of a mountain. And now imagine a little sparrow, not even big enough to fill the palm of your hand, that flies by this mountain and it sits down on the top and brushes his beak against the stone. Only two times. So, now that you imagine that little sparrow that stops by the rock only once a year and brushes its beak only two times at the mountain side, imagine, that when all of the rock and stone is gone, so is one second of eternity.

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1857939 You are the first one asking, but I sure am willing to try. What do you imagine, when do you want it?

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Hi, I like muffins! Do you like them too? :derpytongue2:

Anyway, Happy Random Follow Day!! (Yay!!) Feel free to return it (Or not...)

884618 :pinkiehappy: Well then, I shall do my best not to disappoint!

Sure thing :ajsmug: I want to keep track with this story. It seems very promising, I'm putting my trust in you, sir/ma'am, great trust :coolphoto:

Hi there! Just wanted to stop by and tell you...
Thank you for adding "Lingering Shadows" to your favorites. :twilightsmile: I'm honored by this!

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