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Welcome all, to the group dedicated to Soothing Stone's beloved fanfic, Kiss of the Dark! Here, we have all of us who enjoyed reading the best the fanfic had to offer, and although it was never finished, that doesn't mean the fun ends there!

With Soothing Stone's permission (since the thing that caused him to cancel the fic in the first place was pretty personal), this new group has been made to carry on the love brought to the story. First and foremost, many people have wanted to write the endings themselves, as well as sequels to Kiss of the Dark. Well, here would be the perfect place, to post them! IF you have, or are planning to write, a story based off Kiss of the Dark, feel free to place it here for others to read!

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Darth Vader AND Boba Fett?!

I have landed.

Ah, would this be where my recent upsurge in readers has come from? I'm not complaining in the slightest, mind you!

329283 Thanks. Don't worry it will be based off Kiss of the Dark. It's just a one shot sequel which would be based of what your friend intended the ending to be like. Another way of putting it is a one shot set a few years after the end.

It is perfectly acceptable! Just add the fic here when you publish it. :raritywink:

You know, as long as it's based off Kiss of the Dark.

329275 Well although I don't think I am talented enough to write a full fledged sequel, I could try a one shot. At the same time it could direct others to Kiss of the Dark and who knows? It might give it more attention.

Would a one shot be acceptable?

You are welcome. :twilightsmile:

Now if only people had their own stories to add. I'm interested in seeing where others take the story.

I'm glad to see this was made:pinkiehappy:

Instant join!
Will be interesting to see what endings people will write.

Sad to see that the original fanfic never finished... but that doesn't mean we still can't enjoy other iterations of the story.

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